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ICT Prezi

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on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of ICT Prezi

Abhi's YouTube clip
Line of Inquiry 2
What is a Child soldier?
Child Soldiers are a global problem/challenge where a child sent to fight in war or work as cooks, suicide bombers, human shields,messengers and spies.
Child Soldiers International is an international human rights research and support organisation.
They seek to end the military recruits under the age of 18. The Children are forced to use weapons and having to fight to the death with adults or other children.
This breaks many of the child rights
What is the personal challenge faced by those involved?
No it is not, it’s only globally in countries that don’t have an enough military power or have a unstable government it’s really a matter of the local people in this country if they’re nice enough to take you in but some people to children without homes or without parents force take them it’s not their choice. They will lose all sense every day in war it’s not about their survival it’s about killing to survive globally child soldiers are a threat that getting taken down all over globe and in a few years or more it’ll be no more there are over 50 countries that still use child soldiers under 18.
which organization group of people were responsible for their creation
What is the Convention on the Rights of the Child?
Line of Inquiry 3
Is/Has progress in this area been made?

Are child soldiers a issue globally, nationally and locally?
what is the situation of child soldiers today?
Children don't have the medication and doctors to help them if there injured.
They have no parents to help them get through or over it and no one to help them to get out of the war they are stuck and no one loves them they have no one Child Soldiers are mentally scared for the rest of their lives if they get out of war and the guilt that they have from killing someone would almost kill you mentally and if they get out who are they going to come out to their family has most likely been killed so they so they will go to war Imagine, at the age of ten, being abducted from your family and forced to go to war how scared would you feel child soldiers is a serious problem that must be stopped immediately
Child soldiers are very harmed and are most likely very guilty because they could not help themselves being taken away from their parents and/or seeing getting their parents killed and might be the person responsible for doing this. A very strong challenge in their life would be to just necessarily survive they’re put in life threatening battles and don’t think they will get really killed they think it’s all a game they don’t realize that there actually in danger until it’s too late. They will not be able to survive and it’ll be highly irregular if they do.
What right and corresponding responsibility is challenged under child soldiers?
The child will in all situation be among the first to get protection and ease. The child is entitled to get a education, which shall be free, at least in the elementary.
It should be in someone's best interest to help a child and to keep them safe and sound.

Because in wars that children fight in they get injured and they need to be healed to make a better place in the world. We are doing child soldiers because all of us are interested in it and want to know what is happening and what can we do, so we used Heal The World by Micheal Jackson
"In the last 2 years, 20 states have been reported to have child soldiers in government, government-affiliated, and non-state armed groups. Additionally, 40 states still have minimum age recruitment requirements under 18 years." Gotten from (http://www.dosomething.org/tipsandtools/11-facts-about-child-soldiers) as my research shows that it has been wide spread all over the world that child soldiers are very widely in a lot of countries and from some of my research girls make up 1/3 of all of the child soldiers. There is not a certain group who created child soldiers there are many countries that use child soldiers and most countries have aren't very wealthy countries. These are some of the countries that have child soldiers since 2011: Afghanistan, Colombia, India, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Mali, Pakistan, Thailand, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and more.
Thanks for watching
Music Justification
The responsibilities are in the parents and the government it’s their responsibility of their own child and the government’s children of the future, it’s their responsibility to protect the child from things like war and hurt. They are always exposed to war and it is the parent’s responsibility to keep them from these things and give them warmth, freedom and happiness things that child soldiers are not familiar too.
Christian's YouTube clip

The United Nations is pressuring countries to agree to the rights of the Child and to not use child soldiers. The UN have been trying in Uganda for over 10 years and over 30 years in Africa.
why is the right challenged?

Child rights are challenged because many countries do not follow the convention for child rights. Rebel groups do not follow the right of the child because they just come in and kidnap
Yes, but progress is slow and there are still many children fighting in wars throughout 2013. The UN are still working on it. Many soldiers who work for the UN, go to Africa and try to track down the camps that use chi;ld soldiers especially The Lord Resistance Army who travels from Uganda to Congo to Sudan.
youtube clip
charles' video
Picture Gallery
what is currently being done to ensure that the situation is being addressed and possibly changing?
Harrison's second YouTube clip
Line of Inquiry 1: Challenges and Opportunities

Christians Movie
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