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The strugles of dirty waters

dirty water

James Williams

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of The strugles of dirty waters

The problem with dirty water in Africa is they have no filters to clean the water. The Big problem is that it effects over a billion people a year. And thats awful The Parents and woman are having a hard time already feeding there children but know water problems thats even worst. The parts in Africa where its the worst is from the middle of Africa and in the Sourthern part of Africa The countries that its the worst is in the DR Congo,Botswana,Tanazia,and South Africa its
Mostly South of the equator. What causes The water sanitation problem is that people are so desperate for water and there putting water wales in the ground and there near squat holes and the waste is getting in the water and contaminating it and killing people We can do alot to stop this like use water filters chlorine tablets can work or just donate a certain amount of money just for water cleansing. The Shoe company called TOM and element skateboards teamed up and made a all out everything from water too food and shelters. What me and any other kids can do to help is take control as a kid and probally send letters and water bottles over to Africa letting them know that its going to be okay but we can raise money over the summer and then we bring the money we made over the summer to school in the begining of the year and ship it to Africa. It may sound like alot but atleast each child in school can come with 20$ to school we would have enough.
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