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Unit 5: Sports Coaching

BTEC National

Miss C L Lewis

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Unit 5: Sports Coaching

Aim & Purpose Develop an understanding of the techniques used by sports coaches and how how to apply them. Scenario East Riding Sports Development Officer Create an information guide on techniques improve athletes performance. Unit 5: Sports Coaching Techniques to inform planning Assessing athletes current level of performance Observational Analysis Objective analysis - Measurement and comparison of performance data Subjective Analysis - Observational analysis, personal interpretation and opinions. Develop a training program to improve most significant weaknesses. A coach will need to assess the performance and effective application of... Skills
Decision making Identify strengths and weaknesses
Assesses athletes needs Complete a full analysis of
their overall performance How many scored out of ten... "Outcomes of performance in my opinion was because of..." Performance profiling Requirements of the sport Technical
Psychological Coach & Performer Profile Fitness Assessment Fitness tests sit & reach Bench press Bleep Test Forestry Step test Goal setting Short
Long Specific
Timed 1 day - Month
In a specific training session Specific points in the season By the end of the season Simulation Conditioned games Simulate competitive environment Altitude training Effective demonstration

Technical Instruction

Performer coaching diaries

Adapting practices to meet individual needs.

Designing effective practice sessions Assignment 2 P3/M3 - Describe & Explain three different techniques that are used by coaches, to improve the performance of athletes.

D2 - Evaluate three different techniques that are used by coaches, to improve the performance of athletes. Dartfish Software Other techniques
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