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DataRoomSales - Prezi

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Clicue IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of DataRoomSales - Prezi

Global Sales Plan
HighQ Data Room
To increase pure HighQ Data Room revenue to £3-4m in 3 years.

HighQ Data Room Sales Conversions to be the leading source of non-legal Recurring Revenue
Important Objectives
To be added...
Sales Strategy 1 Region 1
Strategy Split in to Regions / Years / Accounts

Region 1 – EMEA Year 1 Focus on Revenue in Mid Markets – Awareness in Bulge Brackets

Put Regions 2 and Regions 3 into Prep Mode (need to do this to scale)

Region 1 Sales Strategy 2 Banks
Mid Market Targets: Year 1
Dominate Evercore / Moelis / Lazard
Organise Ipad Mini Demo’s all Mid Market accounts not yet covered (Catalyst, Cavendish, Strata etc)

Bulge Bracket
Continue to develop profile – Target Number of meetings per week across the team ?
Secure some business but primarily year 2 revenue

Sales Strategy 1 Law Firms
Law Firms – Collaborate Clients - Integrated Approach
If we can unlock this puzzle it could prove to be the most effective Revenue Stream. For HighQ and HighQ’s faster entry into new markets

Law Firms – Non Collaborate Clients - we approach them for VDR through the business (success already with this approach ie Gordons)
Sales Strategy 1 Corporates
FTSE350 – this is our focus to win business

FTSE100 – Revenue later. Brand Awareness Model. Get on approval lists for pitch opportunities.

Lead times are still likely to be longer than Banks or Law Firms

Sales Strategy 1 Regions
Focus on specific Regions but covered by London based reps : In Order:
1. Benelux – Nawida
2. Scandinavia – Rep 2
3. Turkey – Rep 3
4. Italy
5. France
6. Spain
Sales Strategy
HighQ Data Room Sales Methodology
Specific Profile of a Data Room Rep

Sales Methodology – Account Development

Sales Methodology – Regional Market Development

Sales Methodology -1
Manager plus Reps – Each Rep with Account and Territory Allocation
Manager = Player / Coach with Own Number
1 Meeting Booker
Defined Sales Week Plan
Reps – 12 Meetings Per Week
Develop your Category A’s – 800 people = 80 A’S
80 A’S = 80 X 8 = £640,000

Sales Methodoloy 2 - Example Reps Week London
Sales Methodology 3 - Example Meeting Plan
30 Minutes
10 Minutes Rapport Building
15 Business Discussion
How many Data Rooms do you do in 1 year
Can you give me a deal
Test Questions (can you send me a comparison sheet)
Fill out Account Map
5 Minute Summarise
Sales Methodology 4
Closing Checklist – Standard Way to close deals

Email Frequency

Who to Lunch

Who to Invite to Drinks

Sales Methdology
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