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narrative writing

No description

erika steinger

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of narrative writing

Narrative Paragraph
narrative writing
Lesson EQ: How do we write a narrative paragraph?
Unit EQ: Why do killer plagues represent such a threat?
introductory statement
I. Introductory statement
Topic chicken pox
Point of View I had to miss my basketball game
Detail sentence
Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3
Concluding sentence
Concluding sentence

writing a draft
Do Now:
Go to page 49 in your RBook and find the topic that you chose. Then, write three significant details that represent the impact that this event had on your life.
An introductory statement is the first sentence of your paragraph, identifies the topic of the paragraph, and engages the reader by establishing a point of view.
Details sentences describe events or experiences in time order. They use sensory details to help the reader see and fell what is happening. Sensory details also help to make writing more interesting. The purpose of detail sentences is to elaborate on the topic from your introductory statement.
A concluding sentence is the final sentence in your paragraph and sums up the narrative in a satisfying way.
Prompt: Tell about a time when you had to miss school or an important event.
Introductory Statement

When I was (time/age), I (illness/injury/event)
and could not (result) . .

Detail Sentences

At first, ... By the next day, ...
Then, ... After, ...
Concluding Sentence
In the end, ... Now, I realize...
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