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Valeria González Ocegueda

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of BIOMIMICRY

The word Biomimicry comes from two words: bio, meaning "life", and mimic, meaning "to copy".
The challenge
When we made our project, we learned how to design on tinkercad.

We learned about biomimicry designs and its importance to science and engineering.

Also, we learned how to design and sketch using measurement tools.

Finally, we learned how we can use nature's wisdom to create new and ecofriendly objects.
For the hive we used: 13 tubes, silicon, red paint

For the airplane we used: clay, glue and 1 plate

For the car we used: clay, glue and 1 plate
1) We pasted the tubes using a hive design.
2) We painted the tubes with red paint.
STEAM Project
1) We shaped the clay to form a car
2) We covered the shape with glue to protect the car
3) We added a base (plate)
1) We shaped the clay to form an airplane
2) We covered the shape with glue to protect the airplane
3) We added a base (plate)
Thank you!

What did we learn?
Nature is filled with an amazing array of living things, each with unique designs and behaviors that help it adapt and survive. Humans have much to learn from nature, and the new science of biomimicry helps us to copy and apply lessons from nature in our own lives.
To create models using biomimicry concepts such as cars inspired in animals, airplanes inspired by birds, and a piece of decoration inspired by hives.

To sketch and measure each piece of our models.

To investigate about biomimicry as well as different examples of it.
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