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Joe Masterson

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Knights

Templar Knights
By: Everett Hayes and Joe Masterson



Templar Knights and the Crusades
Decline of the Templar Knights
When the crusades ended so did support for the Templar Knights
The Templars still managed many businesses and banks so they remained
The King of France arrested and tortued them for their money, and becasue of their growing power.
Pope arrests all of the other knight
There last master was burned at the stake
Origin of the Knights video
De Laude Novae Militiae
They developed a reputation as fierce warriors during key battles of the Crusades.
They were driven by religious ideas.
They protected the pilgrims
were tasked with keep order in the ranks
about the praise for the new knihgthood
Saint Bernard wrote the a book that approved of the theology soldier-monk
Their close cropped hair and habit showed thie humility
The Templars’ identity was rooted in the Holy Land and after they lost it De Molay the leader of the Templars wanted to take it back by starting another crusade
He went around Europe trying to stir up a religious fever
The Western princes were preoccupied with their own territorial struggles.
The Templars were reduced to futile raids on the coasts of Syria and Egypt.
A Knight could not leave the table without permission unless he became suddenly afflicted by a nosebleed
The status of the Templar Knights was so high that Kings, nobles and their subjects, competed with each other in heaping gifts and benefits on the Templars.
the weekly chapter meeting, brothers confessed transgressions against the rule, and penance, decided by the whole of the company while the accused waited outside, would be issued. Transgressions willingly confessed received less severe punishments than those revealed by accusations, and accusations that the brethren determined to be malicious were punished harshly.

Prayed for several hours
Meals were taken as a brother read scripture
Could miss an hour of worship if baking, forging a weapon, shoeing a horse
Had to do a set number of the our father, if doing the ones mentioned above
Said to have found the holy grail
Rumored to commit blasphemous acts during the initiation ceremony
used racks and thumbscrews
Feet over coals
Their weary frames were crushed under iron weight.
A cloth was put in their mouth and water was poured on it
Put him into a pit his size
Denied sleep and chance to use the toilet
" Good cop, bad cop"
Four main divisions
The knights, equipped like heavy cavalry
The sergeants, who formed light cavalry
The farmers, administrated the temporals
The chaplains, had sacerdotal orders, ministered to the spiritual needs of the order
Formed in 1118
Nine companions bound themselves to a perpetual vow to defend the Christian kingdom
Baldwin II accepted their services
They were known as "Pauvres chevaliers du temple" which means poor knights of the church
At the Council of Troyes adopted the three perpetual vows, the crusader's vow and the white habit.
Helped prtocect pilgrims
Pilgrims were treated poorly
Gaurded the honor of females, and vunerablilty of palmers
Made protecting pilgrims and the holy land their job
De Moaly's vain quest
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