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Mars One Pros and Cons

No description

maddy weeks

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Mars One Pros and Cons

Who's Going?
50 men, 50 women above the age of 18 passed the second round of training
All from different places in the world such as America, Europe,Asia, Africa, and Oceania.
Still more tests to take like seeing if the people can work together
Is this a good or bad idea?
The Pros:
Inspiration to the generations ahead
People will have a new perspective on the solar system
When Earth is gone its the next logical place to live
Team of eight - Ambassadors, advisers, Astronauts, Nobel prize laureate, Nasa chief technologist
200,000 people have already signed up for the first crew
We will get to see new forms of life
Maybe get resources and raw materials such as methane
"Stepping stone for exploring the universe"
Earth has more problems, you cant just plan to dump it destroy it then move on
Cons, How you might die trying
This is a one way trip
Crash- Probably wont even make it to the surface because the air is to thin, and 100 times less dense then earths, With the amount of weight it'll pick up to much speed
Freeze- Near the equator Mars is 81 degrees fahrenheit and 284 degrees fahrenheit near the poles, will need suitable space suits
You could suffocate
"Dying in space an American dream"- article name
In the 90's during the space race a man was sent to the moon. The US wanted to beat the Russians. Wanted to rush it and was described as "faster, cheaper, and perhaps, the only way to beat the Russians"
Why go to Mars so quickly?
The cost is 20 Billion, this could be put into education, national debt
Robots can do this
The technology wont be ready

Mars One
Mars One Pros and Cons
A plan to land people on Mars for the very time to create a colonization and to see if human life can continue there.
Video from Mars One website
www. dbriers.com/tutorials/2011/11/pros-cons-manned-mission-to-mars/
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