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The African Penguin

No description

Alexis Rodriguez

on 5 November 2017

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Transcript of The African Penguin

Food Source
Their food consists of aquatic herrings, anchovies, pilchard, sardines, shellfish and squid.
They rarely eat shellfish and squid.
What's causing them to die?

Excessive amounts of pollution.
Excessive amounts of fishing especially their food source.
Multiple predators
The African Penguin
History of the African Penguin
Females must be 4 years of age.
Males must be 5 years of age.
The egg incubates for 40 days.
Females can lay up to 2 eggs a year.
Founded in the 15th century.
Located in Saint Croix Island, Dassen Island, Robben Island, Boulders Beach and Mercury Islands
Was considered endangered by the IUCN on May 26.
Conservation Efforts
National Parks and nature reserves
Conservation act on fish
Why they matter?

The penguins should matter since they are a living organisms.
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