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Pinto beans experiment

No description

Anna Bee

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Pinto beans experiment

30 ml- 6 out of 9 beans sprouted and the average height was 20cm. All plants green but one.
Week 2
Oml- The plants were wilting and the leaves were turning yellow.The average height was 23.4 cm. grew 12.5 cm in average since week 1
Week one Results
The average height of the nine plants we sprouted after one week was 12.89 cm.All plants were green and healthy.
20ml-All plants were thriving and green and upright. The average height growth was 17.3cm which is 6.5cm increase in average from the previous week.
50ml:The average growth was 23.7cm which was a growth of 9.6 cm in average from the previous week.These group of plants were green and upright.
Pinto beans experiment

40 ml- 6 out of 9 beans sprouted. All plans green and healthy.The average height was 14.67cm.
50ml- The average height of plants was 14.14 cm.All the plants were green and healthy.
Our experiment.
20ml-For this group the average height was 10.83 cm. 6 plants sprouted, all healthy and green.
The experiment was based on the water levels. We used the volume of the water as our independent variable. We compared the height, color and the dryness of the plants for a period of 4 weeks.There were 5 groups of plants which recieved 0ml,10ml,20ml,30l,40ml,50ml accordingly.
For this group of plants 8 plants sprouted out of 9. The average height was 15.38 cm and all the plants were green and healthy as well.
10ml-three of the plants were wilting, there was a noticeable increase in the height. In case of the other plants.The average height was 25.9cm which was an increse of 10.5 cm in average.
30ml-These plants were the tallest and healthiest of all the other group.The average height was 26.5cm and which is 6.5cm greater in average thatn the previous week.
40ml-THe average height was 18.3cm , not much of an increase in this group. Only an increase of 3.6cm in average from the previous week.
week 3

Week 3

0ml and 10 ml-Plants are clearly dying . the leaves are turnng yellow and fallig off. No growth was observed.

20ml and 30ml: Both these groups grew approximately 2 cm in average.No noticeable difference from week 2.
40ml:These plants are still green in color, the average height was 32cm which is a 13.7cm increase in average from the previous week.
50ml: They are all green and upright,the average height was 32.6cm and which is the 8.9cm from the week 2.
Week 4
0ml and 10ml: These plants were all dead. All the leaves had fallen off and the plante dry and witing.
20ml: These groups of plant didn't look healthy anymore. They were turning dry and some leaves were falling off.

30ml and 40ml : The average growth of these plant was 33.3 cm and 33.5 cm accordingly,which was approximately 4.5cm and 1.5 cm increase in average from the previous week. they look fine and were still growing.
50ml: These plants grew the tallest overall. The average height this week was 39.5 cm which was a 6.9 cm increase in average from the previous. These plants grow tall enough to creep upon the other plants.
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