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Mass Market Tour Operators

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Chantall Cousirat

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Mass Market Tour Operators

What Is a Mass Market Tour Operator?
Difference about Operators and resellers
Know how mass market tour operators plan, sell, administer and operate a package holiday programme
Throughout the history of the world, businesses have traditionally served very small geographic markets. The size of a business's target markets were generally limited to the range of the entrepreneur's personal mode of travel.
In the late 1800s and early 1900s, advances in transportation such as railways and automobiles opened up the door for mass distribution. In the 1920s, radio broadcasts made it possible for companies to send advertising messages to large, undifferentiated audiences at once, giving birth to the mass market concept and the first mass marketing techniques.

The biggest tour operators in Paraguay are DTP (Paraguayan tourism development), Inter Tours S.A., Inter express S.A.
There are a number of important providers in our country, including Crowne Plaza Asunción, Hotel Excelsior, Hotel Guaraní Esplendor, Las Lomas Hotel, Hotel Las Margaritas, Resort Yacht & Golf Club Paraguayo, Sheraton Asuncion Hotel, Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, Discover South America, etc.
The most popular destinations that the tour operators offer every year are: Asunción and surroundings, Chaco, Jesuit Missions, Ciudad del Este.
New offers this year include The bay and beach of Encarnación.

A mass market tour operator is a person or company who creates package tours for people. They buy in bulk or in large quantities that produce low cost. They arranges for transport to and from the destination, accommodation, activities
and any extra services that might be needed.

• eg families
• couples,
• travelers,
• specific age groups,
• special interests,
• people with
• specific needs

Operators are companies that supply their own services or products, while resellers are marketing and selling the products and services of others, usually charging a mark-up or taking a commission. In practice, many travel companies do both.
A tour operator will offer many of its own services but may also sell services of other suppliers as part of a package.
A travel agency is mainly a reseller, but may for example employ its own guides or translators and sell these services directly.

Planning: research; forecasting; product development; methods of contracting; costing the package; timescales

Sell: brochure production; pricing strategies; distribution eg travel agents, internet, direct sell; promotions eg advertising, sales promotions, sponsorship; reservations; commission; late sales. Direct sales to consumers. Inbound agencies may sell to outbound agencies or place packages with resellers and portals.

Administer: confirmations; rooming lists; passenger manifests; errata; cancellations; amendments; travel itineraries; ticketing

Operations: consolidations; load factors; over-bookings; transport operations; duty office; UK and overseas resort liaison; health and safety; emergency situations; crisis management; quality control; customer service (pre-, during and post-holiday); excursion sales

Ma. Gracia González
Sonia Pereda
Silvana Segovia
Mass Market Tour Operators
Chantall Cousirat
Jazmín Prieto
Analía Vivéros
A tour operator is a person or company that offers holidays
or vacations, primarily through reserving travel and
accommodation arrangements for people.
For example, they can be in charge of your flight, journey
from airport to hotel, and all the hotel arrangements.
Whatever their size, tour operators must work through
the same processes when planning, developing, selling
and operating their holiday programmes.

Main Products/Services
• Flight and other travel arrangements,
• accommodation and event tickets, package
tours for groups and individuals (for outbound).
Products are mostly sourced from tour operators,
ground operators, and local service providers,
but also from travel resellers and portals.

The mass market tour operator needs to understand the tourism industry really well, know which are the most affordable routes and modes of transport. Where tourists get most of the adventure and what services can be offered for free. A mass market tour operator must understand operations of related companies and how they compliment or conflict with the one they run.
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