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Popularization of vampires

No description

Maddie Clarke

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Popularization of vampires

The Popularization of Vampires
what are they?
creatures of the night
practice of preying on others to prolong life and boost vitality
Modern view- strength increases with belief
The 3 types of vampires over the years
The vampires of folklore
The vampires in fiction
The 'real' vampires
Vampires in pop culture
The Popularization of vampires
Vampires of folklore
Ancient Egypt
Demons, spiritual entities
Found globally
Fear of death
Fear of unknown
The vampires in fiction
Early 19th century
Aristocratic, sophisticated
Undead creature preying on innocent women
Ability to control elements, command animals, and live forever
Fear of sexuality
Fear of invasion
Existing predatory creatures in human form
Have the ability to drain and absorb life force of another
Branching goth subcultures
The 'real' vampires
Vamps in movies
Vamps in music
And thus begins the long (but quickly summarized) journey of vampires throughout popular mediums
Why so popular?
the power of imagination
reflection of each generation's fears- can relate
in the end...
Vamps and children
Vamps in Comics
Vamps in television
Vamps in literature
Vamps in games
Vamps and their clubs
Vampire Empire
The Vampire Information Exchange
Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat Fan Club
The Bram Stoker Society
Vampire Research Society
Twilight Fan Club
A few quick questions...
Have you ever read a book or watched a movie on the topic of vampires?
In the last week, have you talked about, or heard mention of, or watched anything related to vampires?
Have you not been bitten by a vampire in the last year?
Vampires have been a dominant part of society, in various mediums throughout history, particularly in the twentieth century
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