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Agriculturalists Vs. Hunter Gatherers

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Nadia Callahan

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Agriculturalists Vs. Hunter Gatherers

Agriculturalists Vs. Hunter-Gatherers

Was It Worth Switching?
- Hunters lived in tepees or caves
- One family in one shelter

- Farming even led to the building of communities and cities
- Led to new technology and transportation
- New foods
- Communication
- Trade
- New knowledge
- If you were a hunter, you didn't have many choices for food. You could get a hold of insects, fish, roots, nuts, seeds, berries and, occasionally, honey.
- Farmers had an almost permanent food source unless, something happened to their crops.
In order for you to make a decision on if it was a good idea to switch to agriculture you first need to know how we lived before and after the switch.

Final Decision:
In conclusion we both agree that agriculture was a switch for the best. Even though agriculture had some negative effects, the advancements in daily life and the way we live today greatly outweigh the negatives.
Benefits of Shelter?
- Lived closer together
- Lived with more people
- If they needed help, it wasn't too difficult to get
- Lead to cities and communities
- Sturdier than hunters shelters
Hunter-gatherers' shelters?
Advantages of Agriculture?
Advantages of Hunter- Gatherer
Sometimes shelters were made of building materials that could be taken apart, moved and put back together. (Text 3)
Diabetes appears to be extremely rare in primitive groups (both hunter-gatherers and farmers) (Cohen, 138)
"Civilized life is secure life... this means security from the sudden destruction that village communities might suffer. Civilized life gives the feeling of permanence...regularity, stability , order, even routine. "(Reilly, The West and the World)
-Hunter-Gatherers had plenty of leisure time.
-They Had a low amount of diseases
-A low fat diet with
-Hunter-Gatherers could obtain a weeks worth of food in around 14-19 hours.
-Hunter-Gatherers didn't often die of starvation.
"It's...impossible to imagine that Bushmen, who eat 75...wild plants, could die of starvation the way... thousands of Irish farmers...did during the potato famine of the 1840s."(Jared Diamond, "The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race")
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