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Lesson Plan in TVE III

ICT Training 2013 by Dr. CJ Letigio

Richard Evangelista

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Lesson Plan in TVE III

A Lesson Plan in TLE III Objectives: Given varied activities the students will be able to : identify the waste materials that can be recycled create an origami swan out from used magazine; and state the importance of recycling in our daily activities Subject Matter: RECYCLING References: TLE III, Gemelina R. Crisologo, John S. Evangelista, Anastacio C. Farin The Library Publishing House Inc. YouTube.Com/Origami Swan 3D Materials: pictures of waste materials
pictures of recyclable materials
Presentation: Motivation: 1. Show pictures of different waste materials. 2. Ask the students to identify these wastes. Lesson Proper: 3. Discuss their effects to our health and ecosystem. 1. Define Recycling. Recycling-is a unique process of converting remnants, leftovers, scraps, etc. into
re-usable materials 2. List different ways and
techniques in recycling. Recycling Techniques 1. spools can be strung as beads or play tools for kids.
2. tin cans of various sizes are collected to make nesting toys. Just remove the tops carefully and paint
3. fruit crates and boxes are sanded and painted and are made into sinks, cupboards, storage space
4. old pots and pans are used as playhouse utensils; pots for plants
5. wrapping paper are pasted on boxes to make the boxes attractive
6. leaves/shells. Wash them very well and dry; can be used for decoration
7. styrofoam. Used as padding; underliner; divider for books
8. old branches of trees can be decorative centerpiece;
9. beads, buttons and old earrings can be made into new or more fashionable articles 3. Enumerate the characteristics of articles that can be recycled to prevent waste of time and effort. 4. Demonstrate the steps in making an origami swan. (show video clip) Evaluation: Evaluate the project with the following criteria: craftsmanship 30%
quality 30%
originality 25%
cleanliness 15%
total 100%

Assignment: Do page 195 of your textbook. Write your answers in your TLE notebook. Thank you for Listening...
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