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Walking Dead

Walking dead

josie metz

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Walking Dead

Cast that has died
Cast still on show
Fun Facts
Things they faced while filming
From Season 1-5 these are some of the most important people that have died of have been "bit".
From season 1-5 these are the people that are still in the group. There are new people still coming from this group the they are driving to and they haven't met them yet.
This was and actual prison that they used in the walking dead.The location of this prison is in Atlanta, Georgia. Tourist can now come tour this prison now that it is no longer in use.
The prison in Atlanta, Georgia after the "Governor"
bombed it and after the big war between the governor
and the Original group went into a shooting war just because the governor had one of the oldest people
for the other group. So the prison got shot up and the
walkers got in and everyone had to leave immediately dead or alive.
Works cited
things they faced while producing
Fun Facts
Comics/new show
The Walking Dead has a budget
of 2.8 million per episode!
These people have to much money!
Carl never stays in the house. EVER.
This video is the Walkers in the music
video "Carl Poppa". They just took scenes from
the show and just put little clips of them
the impersonation of the walkers singing
is just them "Growling" and not actually singing.
The Walking dead had to build all of the houses and
all the fences in the "Alexandra" neighborhood.
Norman Reedus or Daryl keeps Andrew's beard
in a bag in Atlanta, Georgia in his fridge.
You can buy Daryl's crossbow at Walmart for $300
Chandler talking about his experience on the show
This is a video of "Carl Poppa" and some of the walkers
in the music video "Singing".
The video of Chandler Riggs/Carl is telling us in an
"interview" with all the cast of the Walking Dead.
Season 1
Season 4
this is the Craziest Person i have ever seen.
Lizzie is crazy and was obsessed with walker
so much she thought they where her friends.
Lizzie killed her "sister" in the show and
thought she would come back as a walker
but, she didn't. When they where shooting the
flower scene Carol actually had to think when her "daughter" died in the show to make her cry when they shot the scene.
In the new town Alexandria Safe Zone, is located according to
Rick Grimes is 6miles away from Washington DC.
In the comic book Sophia is still alive and Carol isn't in the show it's the opposite.
The Walking dead has a make-up line of 4 people
that can do 40-50 walkers make-up per hour.
Chandler is just saying how much he has grown up in the Walking Dead
You have to think he has been of the show since he was 10 years old!
Currently he is 15 about to turn 16 on June 27!
five sets of twin girls have played Judith
Merle was the Governors "right
hand man"
They use the same walkers over and over in each
episode so they don't have to do more "walkers"
due to new discovery of many
brain parasites,
Scientist say that the zombie
apocalypse is
actually possible.
if this is true its dumb because if she did
she just ended up bombing them. so now
I'm just really confused now because if
she did and she Clearly knew that her group
was in there about to die! But, instead she chose
to lead walkers to (turminus). but it kink of makes
since to bomb the place so her group could try to make a brake for it.
"Carl" gets emotionally attached to the babies that play "Judith".
the asz isn't safe for some with the beating in houses that few know about. some people need to leave for it to be a "safe zone".
the prison is actually a real old prison that was
they have a "walker" class that the "walkers"
have to take to become a real walker.
they shoot the killing walkers in silence.
Emily Kinney has been on "concussion" and "Its complicated" including the walking dead
in total Ben Bernthal has been in 22 movies and t.v. shows!
Brighton S.
she has 2 siblings
she has been in the movie "cheep thrills"
chandler video
when Chandler riggs/carl was 14 when he broke/fractured his arm.
the beard
where do they get it!!!
in The Alexandria safe zone contains people that have not had to "Survive" like everyone else because they have had everything handed to them.
in The Alexandria safe zone contains people that have not had to "Survive" like everyone else because they have had everything handed to them.
in very few scenes they had to use and make props.
ricks sheriff hat
the doors at the hospital when
rick woke up.
rick's badge that he lost
they cast the walkers therefor they
have to audition.
not real walkers
fun facts about the walking dead
characters real name
don't do
chandler riggs
Norman reedus
Andrew lincon
lauren cohan
steven yeun
danai gurira
melissa mcbride
alanna masterson
sonequa martin-green
christian serratos
michael cudlitz
josh mcdermitt
seth gilliam
ross marquand
The Walking Dead Money
season/ episodes/ Amount per episode

Season 1/ 6 / 11k
Season 2/ 13 / 13k
Season 3/ 16 / 13k
Season 4/ 16 / 14k
Season 5/ 16 / 16k
my mom always says don't ever get attached to anybody
because, she has read all the comic books so she knows
what will happen in the next episode and all that will follow.
don't ever look back, keep running you
know whats behind you. walkers, people,
trees, nothing there is no life. life is over.
you are in the apocalypse everyliving thing
for its self, if you can keep your family
Chandler riggs-15
norman redus-46
andrew lincon-41
steven yeun-31
danai gurira-37
sonequa martin-green-30
melissa mcbride-49
alanna masterson-26
michael cudlitz-50
christian serrato-24
seth gilliam-46
josh mcdermitt-36
lauren cohan-33
ross marquand-unknown
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