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Discovering Theme

No description

Kathryn Telford

on 24 July 2017

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Transcript of Discovering Theme

Theme is defined as a main idea or
an underlying meaning of a literary work
that may be stated
2. A THEME is a
central idea
in a
story, drama, or poem.
4. Silent Activity:
What is the theme of “For the Birds”? Write 2 to 3 sentences explaining why.
If it is written in
, it's notes for you!
"For the Birds"
Peer pressure has pitfalls
What goes around comes around
Discovering Theme
3. Examples of themes
-Things are not always as they appear
-Don't judge a book by it's cover
-Believe in yourself
-Accepting responsibility
-Look before you leap
-Love on another
-Look for the silver lining
Finding meaning in literature
What is theme?
8. Helpful tips to find a theme in a story
1. What is the
in the story?
2. Do the
series of events
in the story help me understand the theme?
3. What do the
characters learn
in the story?
So, what did you think? Talk to your group and agree on one answer to share with the class.
1. What is the
in the story?
2. Do the
series of events
in the story help me understand the theme?
3. What do the
characters learn
in the story?
5. Helpful tips to find a theme in a story
We have been reading Ray Bradbury's "All Summer
in a Day" for the past several days in class. Using the
three helpful tips we just discussed, what are some
of the themes of the story?
In your groups, discuss the conflict between the characters and what the characters learn in "All Summer in a Day." Then, as a group, write down
two possible themes
for the short story. Use your "All Summer in a Day" summary hand out or your literature book for reference.

As a group, what is the theme of
"All Summer in a Day?"

How did you use context clues
about the characters and the
conflict in the story to develop
your theme?
Pick one of the three following activities to complete. If you do not finish your assignment in class today, you will have an opportunity to finish tomorrow.
1. Create a poster for the classroom that defines theme and can help your classmates identify the theme of a story if they forget.

2. Disney and Pixar movies have many themes. Pick three of your favorite Disney/Pixar movies and identify two themes for each movie.

3. Write a short story that includes a fish, a balloon, and the moon. Your story must include one of the following themes: Love is all you need, threat others the way you'd like to be treated, money doesn't buy everything, or believe in yourself .
Don't confuse theme with topic!
Although they are similar, topics are broader than themes. Here are some topics VS themes.
Topics: Friendship, Judgment, patience.

Themes: Never take friendships for granted. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Slow and steady wins the race.
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