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A Wrinkle in Time

No description

Samantha MacKenzie

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time
Meg's father has been missing for a few years and now she, her brother, Charles Wallace, and another boy, Calvin O'Keefe are on a planetary mission to help save him from The Black Thing.
Themes/ Ideas
Mind control through hypnotizing
Love (family and romantic)
Discovering the unknown
Time Travel (tesser or "wrinkle")
School vs. Education
Fitting in with society/ sameness
Meg Murry
She is the narrator of the story and the main character.
She has low self-esteem and thinks that she is unattractive, especially compared to her mother
She is very close with her brother, Charles Wallace.
People think that she is not smart and she is behind in school. Therefore, she doesn't like school
Power on Camazotz: faults
Does not tesser well and has a paralyzing effect when she encounters The Black Thing
She rescued her father from IT on Camazotz, but lost the sense that he is omnipotent
She starts to lose hope in ever going home, and becomes lost in The Black Thing
She is very fond of Clavin
Charles Wallace
He is a five year old brother of Meg
People think that he is dumb because he didn't learn to talk until he was four and he rarely talks to others
He is very smart because he uses intellectual language and perceives things that others can't around him
He made friends with mysterious women, including Mrs. Whatsit
Power on Camazotz: retain his childhood and to remember that he does not know everything
He allows himself to be taken over by IT on Camazotz, and now he is left behind when Meg, Calvin, and Father tesser away.
Mrs. Murry
She is a scientist, who has two doctorate degrees in biology and bacteriology
She is the mother of Meg, Charles, Sandy, and Dennys
She is very pretty with flaming red hair
Her husband left and did not returned or contact the family in over a year
Mrs. Whatsit mentioned a "tesseract" and Mrs. Murry almost fainted
She is brave and can take care of herself
Mrs Whatsit
She is a mysterious woman who seemed to fly in one night during a hurricane
She claims to like storms, which seems to make her brave
She wore tattered rags and scarves and a felt hat, which covered her gray hair tucked in a bun
She lives in a haunted house with two other mysterious women, her friends
She befriended Charles Wallace and is very direct when speaking to him
She might have stolen sheets from Mrs. Buncome
She can appear suspicious. Meg doens't trust her at first
Sandy and Dennys
They are ten year old twins, brothers of Meg
They are athletic and average in school
They get along with others and are defending their siblings constantly
They are harsh with Meg
Mrs. Who
She is a plump, round woman with thick, big glasses
She also lives in the haunted house
She likes to quote phrases in every possible language, which makes her seem very worldly
She is friends with Mrs. Whatsit
Calvin O'Keefe
Fourteen year old boy who is a junior in high school

He is a fourteen year old boy who is a junior in high school
He plays basketball in regional s
He is very tall and skinny with red hair, freckles, and very blue eyes with bony features
He is a sport, which means that he has a different gene than his family
He is very smart and is one of eleven children
He has a compulsion, which guides him to do things without reason
Power on Camazotz: communicate
He tells Meg's father to tesser away from IT, leaving behind Charles Wallace
Mrs Which
Friends with Mrs Who and Mrs Whatsit and Charles
She is not visible and says that it is too hard to materialize
Point of View
The narrator in the story is Meg Murray
Since Meg is a character in the story, and she is telling the story, this is First Person Point of View
Meg feels very unhappy because she looks different from others and is behind in school. She has twin brothers, a mom, a baby brother, and a dad who has been missing from their lives for a few years.

Her baby brother, Charles Wallace, made mysterious friends who live in a cabin close to their home. They mention a "tesseract," which the mom immediately recognizes.

Meg and Charles meet Calvin on their way to the cabin and realizes that he is there to help them.
The Planet Uriel
Mrs. Who, Whatsit, and Which "wrinkle" or "tesser" the children to their home planet, Uriel. There, they discover that the three women are aliens, who resemble centaurs. They also learn that Meg's father is on a different planet and needs their help. They see the Black Thing.

Their second stop is to Orion's Belt to view their home planet, Earth, through a happy medium's crystal ball. There, they realize that The Black Thing has taken over much of their planet.

Next, they arrive at Camazotz, a planet where The Black Thing has taken over. This is also where Meg and Charles' father is. They are left behind with Calvin to try to save their father and defeat The Black Thing. Camazotz resembles Earth but is very peculiar. The people and structures there are uniform and orderly.
Now, the children are in the CENTRAL Central building on Camazotz. They have encountered a "man with red eyes" who has the telepathic ability to communicate through someone's mind. He gains control of Charles Wallace, who feels a need to understand who IT is.

Under this control, Charles is able to lead Meg and Calvin to his father, who is trapped in a transparent column. Meg used Mrs Who's spectacles to reach her father and rescue him. Next, Charles brought everyone to IT, which was a large, disembodied, pulsing brain. Meg, Calvin, and Father were able to tesser to get away from IT.

Meg was paralyzed from tessering with her father and Calvin. When she came to, she overheard their conversation, but was still unable to move. They were on an unknown planet, in a n unknown solar system, when three mysterious aliens approached them. These aliens took Meg.
The Man with Red Eyes
Located on Kamazotz in CENTRAL Central
He has the ability to communicate telepathically
He has red eyes and a light above him that pulses
He wants control over the people of Kamazotz
Calls himself the Prime Coordinator
Father/ Mr. Murry
He is a scientist who was working for the government, when he mysteriously disappeared a few years ago.
He is married to Mrs. Murry and has four children, Meg, Charles, Sandy and Dennys
Meg rescued him on Camazotz, where he was held prisoner by IT
Has the ability to tesser, but can't control it very well
He was the second person from his government agency to tesser, no one knows where Hank, the first person is
He tessered Meg and Calvin from Camazotz, leaving behind Charles, to a mysterious planet
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