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Drawing Conclusions W-L

No description

yasemin hocaoglu

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Drawing Conclusions W-L

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How does drawing conclusions help you when you are reading a book? What is the purpose for drawing conclusions? 1. The boy clenched his fist and was mad. What do these statements imply? A. this implies that the boy will fight. B. this implies that the boy will play soccer C. A and B D. None of the above The answer is A. The boy will fight. What does this statement imply? The storm will hit before midnight A. This implies that people should be ready before the storm hits.
B. People should hang out until the storm hits.
C. People should hang outside till midnight. Examples: 2. Q&A 1. How do you draw a conclusion? A. The way to draw a conclusion is to use what you already know in your head and what you've read in the story to make a decision or opinion about what you've read. What is drawing a conclusion? Drawing a conclusion is when you use two things:
1- What you know in your head
2- what you've read in the story How does drawing conclusions help you in a story? Wrap up A. people should be ready before then
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