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The Effect of the Neolithic Revolution on the Modern world

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Nicholas P. Calabrese

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of The Effect of the Neolithic Revolution on the Modern world

The Neolithic Revolution changed the economy from hunters and gatherers to farmers and agriculturalists.
New Technologies
New technologies of the Neolithic Revolution facilitated the change from nomadic societies to organized, settled peoples. Technologies such as the plow allowed for easier harvest. Also granaries and new fields simplified the agriculturalists' life. The technologies of the Neolithic Revolution allowed for simplified life in agriculture.
New Crops
The Neolithic Revolution, also known as the agricultural revolution, introduced farming as a new way of life to many areas of the world. These newly agricultural societies developed their own crops to sustain their people. These new crops were moved all over the world introducing foreign crops to new places. New crops like oats from Europe and flax from Egypt were traded to many newly agricultural regions expanding the effect of the Neolithic Revolution.
The Effect of the Neolithic Revolution on the Modern world
The effects the Neolithic Revolution had on economy in agriculture and social life.
Agricultural Changes of the Neolithic Revolution
- New Technologies
- New Crops
- Domesticated Animals

The Neolithic Revolution changed early society by introducing new ideas to the people involved in agriculture.
Domestication of Animals
Domesticated animals like dogs and horned cattle were used to improve and simplify agriculture. Dogs were used for their herding and hunting capabilities and horned cattle were herded because of their ability to defend themselves against predators.
Social Changes of the Neolithic Revolution
Social changes of the Neolithic Revolution affected society. Some introduced new ideas, while others improved on older, more traditional precedents in society.
New Ideas of the Neolithic Revolution
New ideas include: personal property, introduction of slave labor, trade, barter systems, and the idea of a social hierarchy.
Personal Property: allowed for complete ownership of land and more social status.
Slave Labor: introduced idea of inequality and social hierarchy.
Trade: spread the wealth and products of societies across the world.
Barter Systems: allowed for organized trade payments and ushered in the idea of currency.
Social Hierarchy: created idea of inequality and ideas of social power and influence.
Ideas Improved by the Neolithic Revolution
Ideas improved by the Neolithic Revolution include: large scale gathering, living situation, labor organization, and marriage.
Gathering: during the Neolithic Revolution people tended to settle in large cities instead of small communities.
Living: The Neolithic Revolution introduced permanent housing in cities instead of small portable living spaces.
Labor: specialization of labor was introduced which improved on the old idea of knowing many trades.
Marriage: formal marriages were introduced which created stronger unity in families.
The emergence of society was caused by the Neolithic Revolution. It caused an agricultural influx to the people of the world. This changed the lives of all people involved. The Neolithic Revolution was one of the most influential revolutions in history.
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- Chose topic (Neolithic Revolution) and gathered knowledge on my topic.
The challenges I faced were finding a well written book and gathering enough useful information. I overcame these by searching for a scholarly book, and sifting through information to decide whether it was useful or not.
- Formed an educated thesis from what I had learned
- Gathered more facts and sources on my topic
- Split my information into paragraphs
- Wrote my final essay
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