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chassy tesoro

on 17 March 2018

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Transcript of TALK #3: PIERCED HEARTS

what went wrong???
Women’s Weekend I: Princess Diaries
We are the crown of creation.
because God
is our King
and we are
HIS daughters.
The design of our bodies
and our hearts is what makes us say we are
made from God’s image
and likeness.

Our bodies reveal something about our God.

Our desires reflect God’s own desires for us.
Woman is at her best when she’s being a woman.
We are at our best when we desire God.
Maybe now it’s time to ask ourselves:
Does your body and how you carry it image God’s mystery, loving nature, and beauty?
Do you feel romanced--- pursued, wooed, sought after and longed for?
Do you find yourself playing an irreplaceable role in a great adventure in your own life and in the lives of others? Do you feel desperately needed, appreciated and affirmed?
Do you find yourself able to unveil your beauty?
Do you inspire, nourish and draw out the beauty in others? Does your beauty (mere presence) allow others to be themselves and draw them closer to God?
Let us have a quick scan of the women we know: mother, sister, best friend, friends,
household head, household members, sister next to us, in front of us, behind us, including
ourselves. Can we see also the desires of a woman being constantly fulfilled in all the women
we know including ourselves?
What do we often see? Women are tired, drained (some physically, some emotionally and many both), unaffirmed, lonely, used. And usually it is not from a life of shared adventure but from lives that are crammed with routines, chores, demands, expectations, unfulfilled desires.
We may find ourselves asking God,
“If YOU really love me and created me to be
YOUR Princess, then why do I feel this way?
Why do I feel very tired, wasted, empty, betrayed,
broken, lonely and pierced?”
What went wrong in God’s beautiful plan?
God had a perfect and beautiful plan.

We were meant to share in
God’s magnificent love in
union with Him for eternity.
But there is somebodyout there who also had a plan, a somebody who passionately hated mankind but woman more so – and that somebody had a plan to destroy the creation of God.
If there is the Story of Creation
where we were reminded of how God created woman to be,
there is also the Story of the Fall
The serpent approached Eve and said,
“Did God really say: you must not eat from any tree in the garden?”

Notice the serpent saying this in a cunning way which drew Eve to a conversation.
-Genesis 3:1-5: -
The woman replies, “we may eat the fruit of the trees in the garden, but not the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden. God said: You must not eat, and you must not touch it or you will die.”
The serpent said to the woman, “You will not die, but God knows the day you eat it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, knowing good and evil.”
Considering that Eve had everything they needed and everything around them was beautiful, why do you think did Eve give in so easily?
Eve was led to believe the LIE that the serpent was feeding her.
That God was withholding something from her.
That HE does not love her enough to want her to
have the BEST.
That if she wanted the BEST she would have to grasp it for herself rather than rely on God to give it to her.
And so Eve chose to take matters into her own hands rather than allowing God to come through for her. Instead of trusting in the God who loved her, she took control by following her own will.
Just as he did with Eve in the garden, today the evil one loves to take advantage of our minds.
The evil one enjoys moments when we are most weak. He will do EVERYTHING to destroy such a beautiful creation because he is jealous and threatened.
We know we are blessed and we are loved. But when we see something that we don’t have or our expectations are not met, we form some “conclusions”/statements in our minds about God’s love for us.
The devil continues to plant SEEDS OF DOUBT about our beauty, our worth, our capabilities, our ability to love and be loved, and about God’s power to love us and win victory for us.
These seeds are what we call
Sometimes, these LIES are OBVIOUS to us
(we can easily recognize and overcome them).
BUT during moments when we are weak,
they can easily become TRUTHS to us.
Our fallen nature and that of the people around us may have caused some hurtful experiences or situations in our lives.

These experiences may have led us to deny our core desires or to believe in lies about ourselves.
But the lie we heard was
But the lie we heard was
But the lie we heard was
You do not have what it takes
to inspire me.”
What experiences in your life may have made you believe in these lies about your femininity?
Did you feel
“I am not worth pursuing or fighting for because…”
Did you feel
“I am not needed” or “I have nothing to offer because…”
Did you feel “I am not beautiful because…”
All these lies led to our brokenness in one way or another. We may have believed these lies to
be true, or perhaps we may have at least doubted how untrue they really were. The way we look
at ourselves may have been shaken. At one point in our life, we may have believed thatwe are
not worth pursuing, we are not needed or we are notbeautiful enough.
We know God’s design for us: we are a mystery to berevealed, a relationship to be pursued, a
beauty to be unveiled. This is how He made us in order to mirror His own mystery and
sacredness, His being a communion of persons, and His beauty.
He planted our core desires in our hearts to mirror His own desire for us: that He wants to
romance and pursue us, to play an irreplaceable role in our lives, and to unveil His beauty and
ours before us.
But because we have believed in these lies,
we have acted in ways that have negated God’s design for our womanhood
To prove these lies are untrue by hiding or denying our heart’s desires
To affirm these lies by clinging to people, relationships, or situations hoping they will fulfill our desires
Sometimes we can be both dominating
and desolate, but to different people.
A Mystery to Be Exposed or to Be Kept Hidden
A Relationship to Be Used or to Be Denied
A Beauty to be Exploited or to be Veiled
The lies that molded us into becoming a DOMINANT or DESOLATE woman will not always be obvious to us. We may actually just look as though we are highly driven/ an over achiever or overly submissive. But we need to ask ourselves:
1. What drives me to behave this way?

2. What am I trying to prove in the way
I handle my relationships?

3. What needs of mine am I trying to meet
by being this way?

4. How does this affect my relationships
with others and with God?
As we reflect on our lives, we will come across patterns of behavior we would like to improve or
make sure we continue doing. We may also look at the lives of other women and marvel at how
they have lived their own lives, despite their own trials and difficulties. However, we must not
depend on the way WE were molded or the way others were molded, no matter how good their
lives seem. We must always keep our eyes focused on the One True Person whose mold we should imitate, solely that of our Lord Jesus.
1. Identify the hurts that you have in your life that pierce your feminine heart.
(Examples: being abandoned by a parent, being compared to a sibling, losing the man I loved, failing to give my family a better life…)

2. What negative messages or lies about yourself have you come to believe or at least consider being probably true because of these hurts? (Examples: that I was not worth stopping my parent from abandoning us, that I was not as good/as beautiful as my sibling,
that I was left by the one I loved because I was not needed, that I am not good enough to give my family what they need…)

3. Which of the three core desires do you think were not being met because of these hurts?

4. How did this affect your relationship with others? Do you find yourself being dominating or desolate in these relationships?

5. How did this affect your relationship with God? How have you felt drawn closer or farther away from Him?
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