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Exodus: The Story of Moses

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Elizabeth Harris

on 25 November 2016

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Transcript of Exodus: The Story of Moses

Exodus: The Life of Moses
What is a PROPHET?
What was life like at the time?
Life then was ruled by the egyptians. They used the Hebrews as their slaves and got them to do their work. They would whip them and beat them if they have to. In this time the people who did this were all ordered by the Pharaoh to beat them if they didn't do the right amount of work in a day.

Exodus 5:4 14 - 15 - And the supervisors of the Israelites whom Pharaoh's taskmasters had set over them, were beaten, and were asked "Why did you not finish the required quantity of bricks yesterday and today, as you did before?" Moses grew as an Egyptian prince and he didn't need to do any of the labor that the Hebrews had to do. During this time Moses's brother and sister were working for Pharaoh he had no idea that he was related to them.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the people?
Moses- Was chosen by God to lead the Jews out of Egypt. He did this in many ways and he tried to convince the Pharaoh how to have faith and trust in God and to let the Hebrew free.

Amram and Jochebed- Moses's Mother put him in a river called Nile Because she couldn't protect him anymore.

Aaron and Miriam- Unlike Moses who grew up with the Egyptians in royalty, Aaron and his elder sister Miriam remained in Goshen. When Moses first confronted the Pharaoh about the Israelites, Aaron served as his brother's spokesman to Pharaoh.

Pharaoh- The first Pharaoh Thutmose II (1493 or 1492 to 1479 BC) Then can the 2nd Pharaoh. Thutmose II is best qualified to be the pharaoh of Exodus based on the fact that he had a high amount of success and then had a big down fall due to no son to succeed him.
By: Angelica Azzarello
and Sheenez Menezes

A Prophet is when God has chosen a specific person in the bible (from the old testament) to communicate through them to send God's message.
What was the message of your prophet?
Zipporah-Moses wife

Jethro- Zipporah's Father he handed his daughter to Moses to marry. He also took in Moses as a son.

Gershom and Eliezer- Moses Children
The message was to believe in God and to abide by his rules. This way God will trust you and give you help when you need it. Moses tried to teach this to the Egyptians to show them the ways of God and what he can do. To show this Moses took out his staff ( that he received from God) and turned it into a snake. It showed no effect on Pharaoh. After that God sent ten plagues to Egypt. Before each plague Moses warned the Pharaoh what would happen he didn't listen.

Both Miriam and Aaron went against Moses because of his marriage to an Ethiopian. Ethiopian people are black and due to the unfair conditions back then they we not treated fairly. Miriam was punished with leprosy, for seven days. The reason why Aaron wasn't punished is because he wouldn't be able to function as a priest referring to the laws in Leviticus.
How was the Message Received at the time?

All different messages were received from different people. The Egyptians and their Pharaoh were probably amazed, astonished and scared of what the God that Moses spoke of can do. The Hebrews/Jews would feel a sense of freedom and thanks to God. By feeling this way they would follow the 10 commandments and call Moses their leader to show there thanks and gratitude.
The Plagues
The Death of Moses
Moses was told by God to climb to the top of Mount Nebo. There the Lord showed him the whole land from Gilead to Dan. At this time Moses was believed to be 120 years old.
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