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No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of QANTAS

How Long Was Qantas When It Was First built?
When Qantas was first built the length was only 9.0m long and the wingspan was 11.0 and now the length of a Qantas is 72.6m long and the wingspan is 79.8m and qantas now is a 2 decker with 380 seats.
Who Invented Qantas?
Qantas was Invented by Fergus McMaster, Paul McGuinness, Hudson Fysh and Arthur Baird in 1920 but was flown to years after it as built in 1922
Did this event make a change of australia?
Qantas made a change to australia by geting people to places much faster

When was Qantas first built?
Qantas was first built in 1920 and flown first from Brisbane Australia to Longreach in 1922
What was Qantas like when it was first built?
When Qantas was first built they called it the AVRO 504k. The first scheduled Qantas passenger service was in 1922 which was 2 years after Qantas started. Qantas started up only 17 years after the Wright brothers became the first to fly an aircraft.
What impact did Qantas make on Australia?
Qantas made an impact on Australia by getting people to places much faster and people do not have to drive every where they go.
Did Qantas make a change to Australia
Qantas made a change to Australia by getting people to places over sees faster
by: Nick Bell
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