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patri ybarra

on 23 May 2015

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She is the choir director. She has been in the school since 1996, being the primary music teacher and at the same time the choir director. She is the one that chooses the best voices.

The music teacher!!
Emilia told me...
Rosa Ciriquián,an old music school teacher, who was the first director. So the choir have been working since 1994.
Being the 40 aniversary of the school...
The choir has already participated in the 40 aniversary's mass in Seville's cathedral and it is preparing a lot of new events.
This was in the cathedral
... the things that make the choir unique are:
That is a choir of girls. Is called the choir of white voices, that is why is known in Seville.

"We don't only sing, we also learn how to behave with the other mates"
And finally the concert came
"We don't only work, as you see we also have a lot of fun"
... it all started with...
Carmen Barbadillo, an old student who participated at the school´s choir, helps Emilia with the events.
Abraham also helps Emilia, only in the concerts.
We´ve done two important plays:
The first one in 2012 at the Lope de Vega theatre and the second in 2013 at the Riberas del Guadaira and
many other concerts in famous churches.

Last Christmas we recorded our second CD.
Our first CD was called
"La canción de los Ángeles"
2. Who was the first director?
1. When did it start?
3. Why is it known?
4. Who helps Emilia?
5. In which events does the choir participed every year?
"We every year participate at the Comunions, Confirmations and the school's mass"
Did you know?
The girls have to be between 10 to 17 years.
It is divided in two groups:the young girls, that are in primary, and the old girls, who are in secondary.

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