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The Home Marketing Plan

offered exclusively by: The Tia Stanley Team - RE/MAX By The Bay

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Transcript of The Home Marketing Plan

You are encouraged to interview agents
and compare marketing plans, however, companies that have a larger number of agents will often emphasize having the highest market share. This only means they have more listings.

Sounds impressive, but will that help sell your house?
Don’t Be Fooled By Market Share!
Is rare. Only about 20% of all agents are consistent producers.
Listens to you and becomes your partner in achieving your goals.
Actually has ‘A Marketing Plan’.
Has taken the time and effort to put together a selling strategy that is designed to attract the most buyers possible.
Has researched home sales & competing properties in order to help you establish the most competitive placement in your current market.
A Qualified Agent...
Thank You for viewing our Exclusive Home Marketing Plan!
RE/MAX vs. The Industry Year-After-Year!
You should consider a Home Warranty because…
Protects seller throughout listing period.
Transfers to buyer at closing for one year.
Buyer can renew at the end of one year.
Covers most common breakdowns.
Added value for the buyer.
A warranty costs around $400 paid at closing.
Home Warranty Protection
YouTube Property Tour
Lots of high-quality, wide-angle photos. This is Vital!
Video photo tours.
Full-color interior property flyer
Email blast flyers to top-producers.
Property featured BLOG.
Open House (if appropriate)
The Tia Stanley Team Also Provides:

A 2011 report from Morgan Stanley predicts that by 2013 the number of consumers accessing the web via a mobile device will surpass the number accessing from desktop computers!
More About Smartphones…
Over 93% of Buyers are searching for property online.
Today’s buyer looks at properties online an average of 12 weeks, and visits an average of 12 homes before making a buying decision.
For Sale By Owner properties are exposed to fewer buyers, resulting in only 13% market exposure, a significant disadvantage when competing with so many listings and a limited number of buyers.
Not every real estate agent is a REALTOR®.
Real estate agents are self-employed &
marketing services vary significantly agent-to-agent.
Interesting Facts!
First, we will determine your specific needs and make decisions with that in mind.
We will research & provide you with home sales data and competing properties so you can make informed decisions.
Once pricing strategy has been established, we will implement the exclusive Marketing Plan outlined ahead.
Expect frequent email marketing reports, feedback as available, & pertinent updates.
When offer is received you will receive an estimated net sheet along with the offer so you can make appropriate decisions and/or counteroffers as needed.
Once you are under contract, we will handle all subsequent addendums, inspection items, title company, etc. until we leave the closing table.
What Are We Going To Do For You?
Qualified Buyers?
To net as much $$$ as possible?
Fewer days on market?
A trained negotiator & advocate?
Someone to handle the process of listing, marketing, and contract-to-closing service?
As the seller, do you want:
Makes a personal financial investment in selling your property.
Cares enough to be honest, even when it is difficult.
Answers the phone, email & texts.
Sends property visibility reports and makes recommendations based on changes in the market.
Obtains & shares feedback when possible.
Is a full-time, full-service agent.
Negotiates for YOU!
Qualified Agent Continued…

The Tia Stanley Team is selling a lot of real estate in Baldwin County. We have sold most of our inventory quickly & are looking for qualified home sellers now!
Tia, we are amazed, that in less than 60 days, you had provided two open houses, advertised in the newspaper, magazines, the web and all kinds of ways. Not only that, but you had three offers on the table in one day!! We don’t know anyone else like you! Our neighbors even liked you! We never had to call you with a question; you didn’t give us a chance! You called us with answers before we could ask questions! We wish we could let everyone know what a wonderful agent you have been for us.

Now, we have just returned from closing and we couldn’t be happier! We came home with a check in our hands written for the amount we hoped to get if we had sold by owner! Yet, we had one of the most dedicated, professional, caring and motivated real estate agents we have ever seen. We never could have done this so quickly and efficiently ourselves. If you should ever need a personal reference, give us a call. We have been blessed to have your assistance as both buyers and sellers and are so grateful for everything!- Zenas & Chris Harding, Spanish Fort & Mobile, AL
Real Estate Industry Analyst
…RISMedia Report
Showings, Appointment Setting & Feedback
Monday through Friday our Receptionist will call you for a appointment and document all showings.

After hours and on weekends our Answering Service will make showing appointments with you and notify us.

Our system ensures quick response in case we are on an appointment or showing property.

We will call for feedback from showing agents on next business day and will email or call you with their response.
Sign calls are significant. A buyer is in front of your property and likes what they see.

Most of our competitors give sign calls to the on-call duty agent who may know less about the property than the caller, or may be inexperienced. Not at RE/MAX.

At RE/MAX, sign calls go to the listing agent, who knows your property & has a vested interest in selling it.
Why is this important to you?
RE/MAX Sign Protection…
Featured Property on TiaStanley.com
We Utilize Social Media:
* ComScore, Compete.com and Hitwise for 6-month period ending Aug. 31, 2011

Featured Property on Trulia.com, which receives top search engine placement, & over 23 million visitors.
Remax.com is the most visited real estate franchise website. *
YouTube Photo Video Tour of your property.
Custom property business cards for seller occupied properties.
Inclusion in both the Baldwin & Mobile MLS.
Property is syndicated across the web on a variety of top-rated real estate sites such as…
Over 63% of the population owns a smartphone.
Curbside Marketing w/ Technology…Virtual Tour
Especially for Smartphones!
A homeowner that needs or really wants to sell.
Is prepared to be realistic & consider the facts about their property, current market value & price to sell.
Is willing to make the house readily available for showings & keep in showing condition.
Tries to take the emotional attachment out of the equation.
Willing to consider feedback and make reasonable changes.
Realizes the importance of hiring an agent with the best plan.
Understands that while the agent is in charge of how well the property is marketed & the process, you the seller, are in charge of the decisions & how competitive your position will be.
A Qualified Seller Is:
Are You A Qualified Seller?
It matters who you hire!

Remember, not every agent provides the same services even within a company.
Who else will do this much to make your house stand out from the competition?
Ask Yourself…
See Graphs & Charts
Get Property View Stats
Stands Alone!
Worldwide Exposure
Language Translation.
Realtor.com #1 Real Estate Site
Do you want the Agent you hire to be qualified as well?
There’s more…
10 million unique visitors a month
Every MLS listing nationwide gets a basic ad. We SHOWCASE enabling your property to rise to the top of the search w/ more photos, better descriptions, virtual tour link, rotating headlines, etc.
Only 26% of all listings are SHOWCASED
Your property will have it’s own website;
ex: www.123YourStreet.com.
Your property will have it’s own TEXT address so Buyers can text for info & pictures.
You will have a smartphone QR Code. (see next slide)
Curbside marketing includes an attractive sign post & custom sign rider featuring the web address, text & smartphone tag, plus office & cell phone numbers too!
The Exclusive Marketing Plan:
As a MIRACLE HOME or HOME FOR THE CURE, a portion of our commission will be donated to one of these great causes.
Giving Back…
The Tia Stanley Team

exclusively designed
& presented by:
The Marketing Plan
Some of our competitors may tell you that national brand recognition does not matter. You know who realizes that brand is important?

Nike...McDonalds…Coca-Cola…RE/MAX…and now YOU!
Forget faxing & scanning. Simply open your email.
DocuSign is approved by the National Association of REALTORS®
The world's leading eSignature service. Fast, secure signatures w/ technology that is good for the environment!
We Finish Business Faster!
10 million unique visitors a month!
Realtor.com #1 Real Estate Site
Only 1-2% of all listings are FEATURED!
Triple the number
of buyers who
see your home!
FEATURED homes are the first one buyers see!
Great things happen when technology meets almost 100 years of experience!
Kathy Coate
Rhonda LeNaire
Ready to Sell? Call or email us
Tia M.Stanley
Marie Smith
& Twitter
"I worked with Tia on the purchase of my first home. Tia guided me through the entire process from loan prequalification to searching for houses to making the offer and closing the deal. Tia is very personable and knows the market well. I would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home."
- Robert Sharpe, Foley AL
"Tia helped us find our home in Feb 2010. The service she provided was amazing. She went above and beyond anything we ever expected from a realtor! We actually enjoyed the house hunting experience! She was very knowledgeable, helpful, patient and understanding! She was always on top of things and answered all questions we had. If she did not know the answer, she found it and did so in a timely manner. If we ever need to hire a realtor again it will definitely be Tia. We highly recommend her to anyone needing to buy or sell a home!"- Jeff & Donna Vrieze, Robertsdale, AL
"Tia is an outstanding professional agent. She gives more than 100% to help her clients. If you are buying or selling, I highly recommend her."
- Rebecca Sebring, Fairhope, A
"On behalf of Joy and myself I want to thank you (Kathy) and Tia for all your efforts during the sale of our home in Daphne. It was from your efforts the sale of the home was stress free, for the most part. Thank you for the gift cards to Longhorns and Olive Gardens. We wish you all the best! - Glenn and Joy, Daphne AL
I can't tell you how impressed I am with the listing for my home!! You have been the most professional realtor I have ever worked with in 38 years of home ownership. I have owned quite a few homes. Probably about 13. I have worked with realtors on about 8 rental homes as well.

The slide show is wonderful and, I'm sure, very impressive to potential buyers. It is obvious you have put a lot of time and effort into this listing. As I mentioned during our conversations, I spent several hours viewing individual agents' sites and found yours the most professional site I found. Then, after speaking to you on the phone, I just knew you were MY realtor.

I really look forward to working with you, Tia. I am totally comfortable in believing if anyone can get the job done, you can!" - Kathy Brown, Stapleton, AL
"WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Jaclyn Smith & Nicky Foster, West Mobile, AL
"Tia has gone WAY above and beyond to help us sell our house. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone wanting to sell their house. Her marketing is extensive and she will do anything she can to help whatever your situation is. We appreciate her so much!"- Clay & Ashley Woolley, Daphne, AL
Real Estate Industry Analyst
...REAL Trends Report
Simply put.......
Caution: Viewing this presentation may result in a SOLD sign in your yard!
Sometimes it is not just about the price.
An experienced negotiator can determine motivating factors to bring the Buyer & Seller together.
We know if we always put our client's needs above our own, our business will grow stronger & referrals will continue to come our way.
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