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CFC FFL CLS Training Talk 2

What is CLS?

Eliza Karla Nuñez

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of CFC FFL CLS Training Talk 2

CFC FFL Novaliches Christian Life Seminar Training WHAT IS CLS? WHAT IS CLS? CLS is an integrated course intended to lead seminar participants into a renewed understanding of God's call to them as Christians.

CLS is the initiation course leading into a life in the Holy Spirit.

CLS is the entry point into CFC FFL. GOALS OF THE CLS EVANGELIZATION To proclaim the Gospel anew so
that those who hear it can make a
renewed commitment to God. INDIVIDUAL It brings a person into a stronger relationship
with God by discovering and living more fully
the power and gifts he/she received through
the Holy Spirit. Speaker: Bro. Lito C. Nuñez [Christian Life Seminar] Basic Purposes
of CLS Evangelization Spiritual Renewal Individual Family Church 3 LEVELS OF SPIRITUAL RENEWAL FAMILY It brings married couples and other family members to a renewed commitment to Christian family life and it starts to build a community of committed Christian families. FOR THE CHURCH It brings people within a particular parish to a fuller experience of life in the Spirit. Consequently, it strengthens and revitalizes community life in the parish. STRUCTURE AND CONTENT 1. The CLS runs for a total
of nine (9) weeks It is divided into 3 modules of 3
talks each. 2. One-to-One Discussion group leaders meet
individually with each members
of the group. Module #1: The Basic Truths
About a Christian 1. God's Love
2. What It Means to be a Christian
3. Repentance and Faith Module #2: The Authentic
Christian Life 4. The Christian Ideal: Loving God
5. Loving Your Neighbor
6. Life in the Holy Spirit Module #3: Living a Spirit-filled
Christian Life 7. Receiving the Power of the Holy Spirit
8. Growing in the Spirit
9. The Life and Mission of CFC FFL:
Transformation in Christ 1. First Dialogue: After Module One (1) Purpose: To see how the participants are doing, and more importantly, to see whether they are ready to go on. 2. Second Dialogue: After Module Two (2) Purpose: To help the participant prepare for the prayer session where the participant is prayed with for a renewed outpouring of the Holy Spirit, called, "Baptism in the Holy Spirit". DYNAMICS Format Arrival and Fellowship
Songs and Prayer
Fellowship Talks + Discussion + Fellowship The last three (3) are the vital ingredients of a CLS. They are proven formula for drawing to Christ. ATTENDANCE ATTENDANCE 1. The CLS is open to all Christians.
They should have previously been
exposed to personal evangelization
from one of our brethren. ATTENDANCE 2. Being an integrated course, with one talk building on another, participants should attend all sessions. ATTENDANCE 3. If unavoidable, absences re allowed. Not more than one in the first module. Not more than 2 overall. There should be make-up sessions for absences. TEAM TEAM LEADER ASSISTANT
LEADERS Composition TEAM LEADER He oversees the entire seminar. TEAM LEADER'S WIFE She listens and observes the women's discussion groups.
She coordinates with the Servant-couple in administrative work. ASSISTANT TEAM LEADER He assists the team leader in running the seminar.
He takes over in case the team leader is absent.
His wife serves with him. SERVANT He carries the main administrative burden and should assume that he needs to cover every need that may arise. DISCUSSION GROUP LEADERS SERVANT His jobs include the following (which may be delegated to others):

Man reception table, have check list of those attending, giving out name tags.
Make available song sheets.
Make available a guitarist and lead singer.
Set up sound system.
Set up physical facilities.
Tape/record the talks.
Arrange for refreshments.
Clean up after sessions. They take the responsibility for the over-all care of the individuals in their groups.
They will personally oversee and bring to issue each person's relationship with Christ during the CLS.
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