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Only Daughter

No description

Taylor Claman

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Only Daughter

VOCAB * Anthology- collection of writings

*Embroider- to add imaginative details to; ornament

*Trauma- a serious physical or emotional shock or injury

*Nostalgia- bittersweet longing for something
or someone in the past

*Fulfill- to achieve; make a reality 1) Sandra is the only daughter out of how many sons?
A) 6 2) The father "suffered" from bouts of what? 2A) Nostalgia 3) What language had one of her stories been translated into? What was that published in? 3A) Spanish.
In an anthology (collection)
of Chicago writings. 4) At the end of the story, did the father like her work? How do you know? 4A) Yes. Because he read it slowly
and laughed at all the right parts
and he asked for more copies
(because obviously he wanted to
flaunt her talent :) 5) What were the financial rewards that happened to her after ten years of writing? 5A) 1. She recieved her second National Endowment for the Arts fellowship.
2. She recieved a guest professorship at the University of California, Berkeley.
3. Her book, which was sold to a major New York publishing house. 6) What was the most wonderful thing that happened to the daughter of all that year? 6A) Her father liking the story and
FINALLY being proud of her. 7) Why is she so moved by her father liking the story? 7A) Because for once she knew, for a fact, that her father
was proud of her and she was
able to accomplish that by being
herself. She didn't need to change
after all (and college did pay off :) 8) Why did Sandra not like it when her father would boast, "Tengo siete hijos"? 8A) Because he would translate it:
"I have seven SONS"
"I have seven children"
And she felt like he was erasing her 9) Why was her father pleased with
the idea of her going to college? 9A) He thought education would
be a good way of finding a husband. 10)Between what two places does Sandra's family live most of the time? 10A) Chicago and Mexico City
(Mexico city is the place they
would go when the father had his
"bouts of nostalgia" a.k.a. "he would
miss living there so they move back
(and forth and back again)" 11) Why, in a sense, has everything Sandra has ever written been for her father? 11A) Because she has
always wanted to win
his approval since it
seemed as though she
wasn't as important as
his other children,
her brothers. SPANISH
AND FOOTNOTES "Que bueno, mi'ja" (Kay bway-no Me-ha) Translates to: "That's good, my daughter"
("mi'ja" is a shortened form of "mi hija") "Es maestra" (Es maw-es-stra) Translates to: "She is a teacher" "Profesora" (pro-fess-or-a) Translates to: Woman Professor" "La virgen de Guadalupe" (la ver-hen day gwa-duh-loo-pay) Translates To: "The virgen of Guadalupe". According to legend, a vision of mary, the virgen mother of jesus, appeared on the hill outside of Mexico City in 1531. Philandering: engaging in many casual love affairs "Molcajete" (Mole-kah-het-ee) Spanish: A kitchen mortar made of volcanic rock Mortar: a bowl for grinding up grain "Fotonovelas" (foh-toe-no-vail-ahs) Spanish: A photo story "Siete Hijos" (See-yet-tay EE-hos) Translated to: children/ sons National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship: The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)-- A U.S. Government agency-- awards money in the form of fellowships to artists and writers. "Tamales" (teh- Mall-ays) Spansih: rolls of cornmeal dough filled with meat and peppers and steamed in cornhusk wrappings. Fellini: The Italian movie director Federico Fellini (1920-1994), famous for his noisy, energetic films. Chicano: Mexican-American Pedro Infante: A popular Mexican film star Galavision: a cable TV network that features movies and programs in Spanish. "Tepeyac" (teh-pay-yak) a district of Mexico City "Only Daughter" Written by Sandra Cisneros YOU HAVE BEEN INFORMED BY: -Taylor Claman -Garrett Bohach -Matthew Tekippe -Kevin Hageman -And Andre Walz (from the book) THE END :)
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