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Green Mountain Book Award

2010-2011 List

Sam Maskell

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of Green Mountain Book Award

Green Mountain Book Award
2010 - 2011 If we ask people to fight for us —as we always have and always will— we owe them respect and can show it by listening to them. WWII Jailed for looting waiting execution cannibals, prostitutes, starving children, and demonic Nazi chess enthusiasts A smart 15 year old homeless drop-out just trying to take care of his family and stay out of jail Katsa is "Graced" with a special ability to kill anyone easily with her bare hands. A secret plot A Corrupt King Love A notorious prankster A mysterious disappearance and a string of clues What happened to Margo? Baseball Romance And Musical Theater Anything is possible as long as your heart is behind it. Dare to be yourself make a stand take on a challenge and change the world. Aislinn has always followed the rules: Don't speak to faeries, don't stare at faeries, and - whatever you do - don't attract their attention. So why are the faeries following her now? A dangerous obsession a doomed Antarctic expedition and a life-threatening quest in Thom Creed tries not to disappoint his dad, an ex-hero with something to hide, by hiding his own developing superpowers and the fact that he's gay. Can one
teen superhero save the world? Fathers Sons and the Iraq war that comes between them. What does it mean to be a man? A teenage drag queen with a wish to be homecoming queen A band of blond sadists Crushes,
and acceptance are all part of this Alex is angry. So angry he's going to
drink an excessive amount of vodka and drive over to his Dad's house to tell him how angry he is. One car crash - and a broken lawn gnome - later and Alex finds himself with 100 hours of community service at an elderly home A little tough love is a good thing. Wicca Suicide and a search for identity. A frog that should maybe be just a frog One victorious Prince A Nigerian Prince The world we live in and the worlds we create.
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