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No description

Justin Fehlberg

on 17 December 2015

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Dominique Stephens is guilty
She is guilty of first degree murder, for the premeditated murder, with malice of her husband, Donovan Stephens
Stipulated facts
Ms. Stephens called the police and admitted to shooting her husband in the back three times while he was sleeping.
She was placed under arrest and taken to the station for questioning
Prosecution claims she is not suffering from battered woman

First degree murder
If it is committed with premeditation in cold blood.
She hid the gun before the fact and killed him in his sleep.
Jordan Bright
Dominique's sibling stated that Donovan did not seem to be a bad man and that he didn't seem that bad, Jordan also stated that Dominique should not have killed him
Dominique's new statement
After her initial confession Dominique had time to talk to a lawyer and provide the perfect story for her case of self defense.
Detective Dana Hughes
He states that in his opinion "It's just an excuse for committing murder"
Dominique's voluntary initial statement
She never states anything about him beating her that night, she was angry at him for making a commotion, went to talk to him and realizes he just gets everyone riled up then goes to sleep, this angered her so she proceeded to go down stairs, get the gun, and shoot him while sleeping
Dominique is guilty of first degree murder for killing her husband. From the facts given she had the opportunity to leave or seek help for the abuse. She hid the gun so probably had thought about killing him before. She was angry at him and had plenty of time to think before killing him.
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