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"The Taming of the Shrew" Elements of Comedy

By Ashlee Forman, Naina Khanna and Andre Skeet | Mrs. Lewis, English 12 H, Period 5

ashlee forman

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of "The Taming of the Shrew" Elements of Comedy

"The Taming of the Shrew"
Elements of Comedy
By. Naina, Andre, and Ashlee
Period 5
Pertruchio to Grumio:
"Knock, sir? Whom should I knock? Is there any man has rebused your worship?"
This exemplifying a misunderstanding between simply knocking on a gate and knocking (or beating someone up) someone out.

Lord to a servant:
"Sirrah, go you to Barthol’mew, my page, And see him dressed in all suits like a lady. That done, conduct him to the drunkard’s chamber And call him 'madam,' do him obeisance...And if the boy have not a woman’s gift To rain a shower of commanded tears,.."
The lord asks his male page to dress as Sly's wife and to embody the emotions of a woman. If he isn't capable of such a task then the Lord shall cut an onion near by to get the page to cry. He also imitates the voice of a woman for this scene.

Tranio as Lucentio:
"Sir, you seem a sober ancient gentleman by your habit, but your words show you a madman. Why, sir, what 'cerns it you if I wear pearl and gold? I thank my good father I am able to maintain it."
Tranio forgets that he's acting as Lucentio in order to be a liable suito
r for

anca but shoots himself in the foot when he mentions that he is
of mon
Blue Humor
Bianca to Petruchio:
"Am I your bird? I mean to shift my bush, And then pursue me as you draw your bow. -- You are welcome all."

Petruchio to Kate:
"What, with my tongue in your tail? Nay, come again, good Kate. I am a gentleman."

Bianca reading Hortensio's gamut:
"...A re, to plead Hortesio's passion; B mi, Bianca take him for thy lord, C la ut, that loves with all affection.."
Comedy of Manners
Baptista to Petrucio:
Ay, to the proof, as mountains are for winds, That shakes not, though they blow perpetually.
This line from
(act 2 sc. 1)
demonstrates Petrucio joking with Baptista of the troubles he will face from Kate.

Hortensio to Baptista:
Why, no, for she hath broke the lute to me. I did but tell her she mistook her frets,And bowed her hand to teach her fingering, When, with a most impatient devilish spirit,“'Frets' call you these?” quoth she. “I’ll fume with them!”
This quote from
act 2 scene 1
exemplifies the humor in Katherines manners during her lesson with Hortensio.

Lucentio to Hortensio:
Are you so formal, sir? Well, I must wait. And watch withal, for, but I be deceived,Our fine musician groweth amorous.
This quote from
act 3 scene 1
pokes fun at Hortensios bluntness towards Lucentio

Romantic Comedy
Bianca to Gremio:
That, being mad herself, she’s madly mated.
In this quote from
act 3 sc. 2
, Bianca mocks Kate for marrying Petrucio.

Kate to Bianca:
Oh, then belike you fancy riches more. You will have Gremio to keep you fair.
Act 2 scene 1
: this portrays the idea of marriage for love rather than money.

Lucentio to Biondello:
I cannot tarry. I knew a wench married in an afternoon as she went to the garden for parsley to stuff a rabbit, and so may you, sir.
Act 4 sc. 4
: In this quote we see the direct joke that Lucentio is making about Bianca's marriage. He also finds it humorous that one should marry so fast.
Stock Character
Elements of Comedy
Work Cited
Shakespeare, William. The Taming of the Shrew. Ed. Barbara A. Mowat and Paul Werstine. New York: Washington Square Press, 1992. Print
Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew" was filled with many different types of comedy. From blue humor to puns, this book was a combination of many varying aspects. With an example of any type of humor on almost any page, our group has chosen a few examples of the various types of comedy in "The Taming of the Shrew" and given our reasoning behind every choice. They are as follows...
In conclusion, our group has determined that of all the types of comedy found in "The Taming of the Shrew" it is apparent that this play is a romantic comedy. With small anecdotes that the characters share and the ultimate goal of being conservatively married, it is not difficult to see how "The Taming of the Shrew" is a romance. What started out as banter between characters, evolved into a controlling romance between two of the most stubborn characters. Characters who, in the end, turned out to be two of the most affectionate couples in the play while going against all odds and truly making their marriage work. Both Kate and Pertruchio had gone from unbearable to the envy of friends and family members.
Kate to Petruchio:
A witty mother! witless else her son.
Act 2 scene 1
: In this quote Kate insults both Petruchio by calling them idiots.

Petruchio to Kate
: And bring you from a wild Kate to a Kate Conformable as other household Kates.
Act 2 scene 1
: The words "wild Kate" are a pun of the words"wild cat."

: Should be! should - buzz!
: Well ta'en, and like a buzzard.
Act 2 scene 1: Petruchio says that Kate should be the "buzz" (popular) and Kate tells him to "buzz off old fool."

: Am I a lord and have I such a lady? Or do I dream? Or have I dream'd till now? I do not sleep: I see, I hear, I speak;I smell sweet savours, and I feel soft things. Upon my life, I am a lord indeed, And not a tinker, nor Christopher Sly.
Induction Scene 1
: Sly falls into the Lords trick into denying his entire past. This unbelievable situation ridicules Sly's stupidity.

: She is my goods, my chattels. She is my house, / My household-stuff, my field, my barn, / My horse, my ox, my ass, my anything.
Act 3 scene 2
: Petruchio considers Kate to be her property.

Katherine's monologue:
"I am ashamed that women are so simple To offer war where they should kneel for peace; Or seek for rule, supremacy and sway When they are bound to serve, love, and obey. Why are our bodies soft and weak and smooth, Unapt to toil and trouble in the world, But that our soft conditions and our hearts Should well agree with our external parts? Come, come, you froward and unable worms!"
This only an excerpt of Kate's final speech in which she dramatically tells Pertruchio that he is her king. A very dramatic and exaggerated monologue coming from a woman who was so adamant to not being married.
Pertruchio to Hortensio:
"For I will board her, though she chide as loud As thunder when the clouds in autumn crack."
A farce comparison between Kate's demeanor and that of a thunder storm, Pertrchio states that he will be the man to marry the woman that other men wouldn't dare consider.
Hortensio to Pertruchio:
"Her only fault, and that is faults enough, Is that she is intolerable curst, And shrewd and froward, so beyond all measure That, were my state far worser than it is, I would not wed her for a mine of gold."
Hortensio states that Kate's biggest flaw is that she has not filter and is so harsh that he wouldn't marry her even if he was given a goldmine (or a million dollars) to.
Gremio to Hortensio:
"Beloved of me, and that my deeds shall prove."
Gremio is an older man in the play who tries to win the heart of the young Bianca. Wealthy and dedicated, Gremio tries to woo her and her father to get closer to marrying Bianca. He is a stock character because he is an older wealthy man who is seeking a younger youthful woman to care for him.
Lucentio to Tranio:
"Tranio, I burn, I pine, I perish, Tranio, If I achieve not this young modest girl."
Tranio takes the place of his master, Lucentio, while he's away and he plays the smooth young chap that charms Bianca into marrying him. Of course under orders to win her over, Tranio is a stock character because of his cool demeanor, way with words and contagious personality, he clearly took his orders to another level.
Petruchio to Kate:
"A combless cock, so Kate will be my hen."
Petruchio is a stock character because he is a bachelor on the prowl for money and power. He wants the world in his hands and demands control, not afraid to lie to you to get his way in the end.
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