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Presentation for the Brand Management course

Kasia Bolzan

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of Milka

MILKA (from German: Milch and Kakao) Milk chocolate and chocolate products The lilac coloured cow Founded by Philippe Suchard in 1901 Switzerland Part of Kraft Foods since 1990
Competitors &
Inspiring Brands Brand
definition Brand Value Keller The core
of the brand Milka. The tenderest temptation since chocolate was invented Point of Difference Point of Parity Milka is made of Alpine milk
“Milka. The tenderest temptation since chocolate was invented” (tender taste)
Secondary association with Alps Milk chocolate Perceptual Map Competitors Inspiring Brands Personification Person able to create the atmosphere of warmth
Peaceful life
Looking for a moment of relax
Connected to nature
Milk chocolate
Tender flavor
Nice chocolate smell
High range of products (choclate bars, cookies, ice-cream, peanuts, pralines) Product-related attributes Brand Knowledge Non product-related attributes Benefits CBBE Model Brand Royalty: consistent brand
Brand’s Archetype: everyman brand
The relationship: acquaintance / friend
Connect ambitions of the target group with the brand: Heart & Ecology
Personality: sincerity (honest, down to earth) Finding the Core Core Values PPT PROMISE

“Milka. The tenderest temptation since chocolate was invented”

Tender chocolate taste
Produced in a traditional way
Alpine milk makes it unique

Lilac color
Friendly, family- and friends-oriented
Delicious chocolate The Brand Essence Wheel Touch Points Associations Moodboards Target Group Products
Theodor Tobler 1908 Prism shape Milk chocolate including nougat, almonds and honey Duty-free shops Part of Kraft Foods Switzerland Lindt & Sprüngli AG 1845 Different types of chocolate (bars, pralines, chocolates, gifts and treats) Roger Federer as ambasador of the brand Take a bar of chocolate while hicking Outdoor clothing Milk Cinema Tickets Libraries Sale chocolate with milk products Sell chocolate together with the ticket to the cinema Sell it in libraries to students who are studying for exams Adverts Brand resonance Brand judgements Brand feelings Brand imaginery Brand performance Brand salience Milk Chocolate Lilac package
Lilac cow
Alps Little pleasure
Moment of relax
Family moments
Childhood memories Credibility (since 1901)
High brand recognition
(lilac cow and alpine milk) Warmth
Love (being together with family)
Relax (nature)
Relax and little pleasures Many brands of chocolate products (Ferrero Rocher, Rafaello, Kinder Chocolate, etc.) Italy Michele Ferrero
1940 Katarzyna Bołzan
Minor ATM
2011 Alpine milk Alps Logo Lilac cow Free time outside (nature) Studying + chocolate Billboards Packaging Adverts Shop stands 14.02 campaign Mountains campaign iPhone app Measuring Brand Performance http://www.milka.com/ Website Interbrand Valuation Model Brand Asset Valuator Model Not applicable:
Milka can not be found
on the Best Global Brands Ranking Recommendations Remain on the current position of the pruduct leader.
Consider entering new markets outside Europe.
Now the brand operates only on the European market.
Introduce "Milka Experience". TV commercials
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