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Website Evaluation

An overview of website evaluation for high school students.

Lucy Tinsley

on 30 January 2012

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Transcript of Website Evaluation

Essential Question:
How do I choose credible websites?
Think about it -
anyone can put up a web page
many websites are outdated
there is no control over quality/accuracy
Consider the Domain Extension:
.edu - higher education
.com - commercial
.org - an organization, it may be charitable, religous or a lobbying group
.gov-government agency
.net - an internet service provider
.mil - a military site
Who is the author?
What are his/her credentials?
Is there contact info?
Is the content biased?
Is the bias explicit or hidden?
Does the identity of the author suggest a bias?
Are the authors up-front about their purpose?
Is the information up-to-date?
Does the webpage show when it was last updated?
Are there dead links?

Ask Yourself -
What am I viewing?
Is it news, opinion, gossip,
advertising, propoganda?
Is the information organized and neatly presented?
Are there spelling or other errors in content?
Are their distracting graphics/ads?
Is the content accurate, complete and well written?
Is it relevant to your topic?

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