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Frayer Model

No description

Megan MacDonald

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of Frayer Model

Frayer Model

The Frayer Model is a graphic organizer that helps students learn new vocabulary by using a four quadrant template to create definitions, characteristics, examples, and non-examples.

The Frayer model can use a combination of words and pictures to help increase student motivation and comprehension.

Use before, during , and after reading to:

help students develop an understanding of unknown words
help students understand the difference between the definition of words and the essential characteristics of those words.
Monitor student vocabulary knowledge
Assess students' understanding of important vocabulary terms
Directions - Whole Group
The teacher will identify the important words from a unit of study to be defined using the Frayer Model

The teacher will explain the structure of the Frayer Model to the class by describing the titles of the four quadrants; "Defintion of Word", "Characteristics", "Examples", "Non-Examples".

The teacher will model how to use the Frayer Model on an overhead projector or smartboard by choosing a simple word to define. This should be one that students will already understand. The teacher will fill in each section of the quadrant using this simple word.

The teacher will then choose a word from the unit of study and work with the students as a whole class to complete the Frayer Model. She will ask for student input for each quadrant.
Watch the following video of a teacher explaining how to use the Frayer Model
Materials Needed
List of Vocabulary Words
Frayer Model Templates
Appropriate Text
Overhead Projector/Smartboard
Urban, A (2013). The frayer model [video]. Retrieved from www.youtube.com

The Frayer Model [template]. Retrieved from http://learningtogive.org/lessons/unit42/lesson3_attachments/1.html
Directions - Small Groups
The teacher will then split students into groups of 2 or 3 and provide them with a list of 2-3 words from the reading.

The students will work in their groups to read the text to create definitions, characteristics, examples, and non-examples for each word. Students may also need dictionaries to help them define each word. They will use the information they find to fill out a Frayer Model template for each word.

The teacher will remind the students that they may use a variety of words and pictures to complete each quadrant of the graphic organizer.
Directions Whole Group Discussion
The students will come back together as a whole group to discuss and share their Frayer Models.

To end the lesson the teacher will ask the students to reflect on the effectiveness of this strategy. She will ask them to think about and respond to questions about how they believe this graphic organizer can help them learn new vocabulary words.

Directions - Small Group Share
After students have had ample time to work on their 2-3 vocabulary words (10-15 mins) place groups of 2-3 together to share their Frayer Models.

This sharing process will provide students the opportunity to discuss their words and their rationale for choosing the definitions, characteristics, examples, and non-examples written for each vocabulary term.
Sample Frayer Model Template
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