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Learning How To Speak Spanish

No description

jansje strydom

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Learning How To Speak Spanish

My Questions

Pronounce basic

words by the end of my personal inquiry.

I need to be able to read basic



To learn how to count to 10 in
Hello Hola
Goodbye Adios
Good morning Buenos dias
Good afternoon Buenas
Good night Buenas noches
Thank you Gracias
Please Por favor
Here are some helpful videos
This year for my personal inquiry I learned how to have a basic conversation in Spanish. I used Youtube to help me with my learning. I really enjoyed learning Spanish and I learned a lot. It was hard at first but throughout the journey it got easier for me. I can now count to ten and converse easily with someone. I hope you have enjoyed this prezi.
How to speak Spanish

What? I'm wanting to learn how to speak Spanish,to learn how words are pronounced and to learn about the culture.

Why? The reason I'm wanting to learn this language is so I can talk to Martina, to understand what people are singing about and because I find the language mysterious and beautiful.

Inspired: I find this inspirational because of how she pronounce the words and how it sounds.
Speaking Spanish
By Jansje Strydom

Basic words
Basic numbers
One Uno
Two Dos
Three Tres
Four Cuatro
Five Cinco
Six Seis
Seven Siete
Eight Ocho
Nine Nueve
Ten Diez
Research Continued :
Here is a video of me practicing .
Here is another video of me saying harder words.
How It Is Going
It has been really fun & hard learning how to speak spanish. So far I've learned how to say the numbers up to 10and be able to say these words;
Hello Hola How are you Como estas
Goodbye Adios Very well and you Muy bien y usted
Good morning Buenos dias You're welcome De nada
Good afternoon Buenas
See you later hasta luego
Good night Buenas noches Nice to meet you mucho gusto
Thank you Gracias What is your name Como se llama usted
Please Por favor My name is Jansje Me llamo Jansje
Thank you for watching
Gracias por mirar
By Jansje Strydom
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