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Genetic Engineering

No description

Jennifer Sweaks

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of Genetic Engineering

Old School
DNA Manipulation
1. Extract
2. Cut
3. Separate
Recombinant DNA
Joining together DNA from 2 organisms
Requires Restriction Enzymes and Ligase
Medication production and transgenic organisms
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Makes copies of DNA
Genetic Engineering
The process of making changes to the DNA code of an organism.
Selective Breeding
Induced Mutation
Restriction Enzymes
Highly Specific
Part of genetic testing, gel electrophoresis, DNA recombination
Gel Electrophoresis
Separates DNA based on size and charge
DNA fingerprinting
Transgenic Organisms
Organism that contains DNA from another organism
Bacteria are often bearers of the genes
1. Heat DNA to separate strands
2. Add primers
3. Polymerase adds complementary base pairs
4. Repeat
Transfer of nucleus of a donor somatic cell to egg with nucleus removed
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