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No description

Shannon Wong

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee Company

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Questions and Answers
By: Raine Armstrong
Ga Bi Cho
Corina Kashiwagi
Sun-Young Min
Shannon Wong

Social Networking
Tweets less than 10 times a day
Has more than 5.3 million followers
Starbucks commercial appeared on Saturday Night Live and Starbucks name was being mentioned every eight seconds
Easy payments
-Scanning a barcode in Starbucks app.
-Earn points for Rewards Program automatically when customers pay through Starbucks app.
-Reduces the use of plastic Rewards Card and reduces time
Application is available at both iTunes and Play Store (Android), so it is open to many customers
Starbucks app. account is refillable with credit cards and gift cards
Allowing customers to keep track of points in their Rewards Program will motivate customers to get coffees at Starbucks to get a free coffee
Store locating feature will allow customers to find Starbucks at their current location
Branding Success
Evolution of the Logo
Starbucks Products
Mobile Application
My Starbucks Rewards
Started in 2008
More than 14.6 million registered users (2012)
Credited for the contribution to the 34% increase of revenue from the last quarter
Allows members to keep track and earn “Stars” for their purchases
Participant is able to earn rewards (discounts, free drinks, food, and refills)
Stars earned through purchases made on user’s smartphones, via the loadable app, purchases made via the Starbucks card, or purchases of specially marked items at grocery stores
Birthday awards: free drink or food item and 15% off of their purchase on their Birthday
After a member earns 5 stars
Welcome level benefits
Start earning free refills when you pay with your mobile app or Starbucks Registered Card
Accumulated 30 stars within a 12 month period
Welcome and Green benefits
Free drink or food purchase for every 12 stars you gain
Model for Success
Those who chose to pay via a paid Starbucks Card (Gift Card), are automatically enrolled in the loyalty program
According to Starbucks Card Statistics, card redemptions in the 2013 quarters totaled $3,590,400,000
Other Food Corporations like McDonalds are looking to learn ways they too can increase sales
Corporations have offered various rewards programs, but none have been as successful as Starbucks
Starbucks is one of the most "liked" consumer brands on Facebook
Has nearly 36 million followers
Starbucks Products
Environmental Awareness
GOAL: To be 100% ethically resourced and verified by SCS Global Resources by 2015
Organic Beans
Discount Programs
Green Stores
Recycling and Reducing Waste
Coffee and Farm Equity (C.A.F.E)
Evolution of the Logo
Business Ventures
Starbucks Identity
Logo History
Environmental Sustainability
Business Ventures
Rewards Program
Mobile Platforms
Social Media
Main Points
Evolution Fresh
La Boulange Cafe and Bakery
Tevana Tea
Acquired in 2012
San Francisco based
Served warm
Baked goods, sandwiches, salads and soup
Regional selections
Recognizable pink bags
Started by creator of Naked Juices, Jimmy Rosenberg
Cold-pressed juices
Vegetable and fruit juices
$70 million facilities investment in East Los Angeles
Premium, loose-leaf tea
Different beverage, same quality
Separate division
Teahouse, not Coffeehouse
Consumer product knowledge
No Starbucks branding
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