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Six Types of Characters

Protagonist, Antagonist, Static, Dynamic, Round & Flat Characters

Laura King

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Six Types of Characters

Antagonist The antagonist is the villain or 'bad guy' in the story. This character usually creates a conflict for the protagonist. Protagonist This is the main character in the story, usually the person the reader is 'rooting' for. You want to see this character succeed and do well. Types of Characters Round Characters Round characters are usually the main characters in a story. We know a lot of details and facts about a round character. Flat Characters Flat characters are usually minor characters. They don't play a big part in the story, so you don't know as many details about them. Static Characters Static characters are characters that do not change at all through the course of the story. Their personalities remain the same. Most minor, flat characters are static. In Finding Nemo,
Nemo is the protagoist. He's the main
character who is trying to find his dad.

Nemo's dad, Marlin, is also
a protagonist. Darla is also an antagonist. She's
not intentionally mean, but she
kills fish by shaking the bag.
She creates a dangerous situation
for Nemo. Nemo and Marlin are round
characters. We know a lot
about them through the story, such as where they live, what happened to Nemo's mother, how well they get along, etc. Crush & Dory are two examples of flat characters. We know Crush says, "Duuuude!" a lot, and Dory has a bad memory. That's mostly all we know about them. The dentist and his niece, Darla, are both static characters. Neither of them changes during the story. The same is true of Peach the Starfish, and most of the Tank Gang (although Gill changes a bit). Dynamic Characters Dynamic characters are characters who change during the story, usually as a result of something big that happens to them. Main characters are often dynamic. Marlin is timid and scared at the beginning of the story, but by the end he is brave, doing things he didn't think he'd be able to do before. Six types of characters using examples from
Finding Nemo The diver who catches Nemo is
an antagonist because he puts Nemo
in captivity. Nemo is also a dynamic character. He realizes at the end of the story how much his dad loves and looks out for him.
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