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Honest Energy Company

No description

Kelly Hur

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Honest Energy Company

Honest Energy Company New Mission and Vision
anchored by
honesty and integrity

Shared mission and vision
Gain buy-in from all employees
Develop workshops and retreats Comany's New Identity
Honest Energy Company

New name and logo
Conveys commitment to "Doing The Right Thing"
Indicates new direction toward renewable, sustainable, clean energy
Communicates core value: Honesty and Integrity
Provides employees an identity they can proudly associate themselves with
Code of Ethics

Hire executives with strong backgrounds in corporate ethics
Invite corporate ethics experts to develop a code of ethics with executives and employees
Establish Zero Tolerance Policy on unlawful, unethical, and immoral business practices
People support what they help to create!
Nurturing the Culture of "Doing the Right Thing "

Business will not be done as usual
Encourage the employees to think about the end-users of our products and services
Employee evaluation not only based on the numbers but also our attitudes and behaviors

Corporate reputation takes time
Earn stakeholder's trust back by verbally and non-verbally communicating core value: Honesty and Integrity Restoring Investor Trust and Partnership

Key word: Transparency
Implementing stricter financial reporting guidelines
Timely delivering of reports
Bershire Hathaway style all-day, open Q&A conferences
Company site visits Promote Honest Employees

Honest people who have been betrayed by crooked executives
Profiles and ads featuring Honest employees

New executive team with strong backgrounds in ethics

Interviews with reporters and journalists
Publish journal articles related to corporate ethics, leadership, and energy markets
Speeches and workshops at business schools to educate future business leaders about HEC
Review by Harvard Business Review
A Leader in Building
Better Corporate Culture in America

Publish whitepapers
Host corporate ethics conferences
Sponsor sustainable, renewable, clean energy conferences
Honesty Integrity Welcome to the new era of
Honest Energy Company
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