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French Country Project

No description

Rachel Carnes

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of French Country Project

Coat of Arms:
Il s'appelle Pierre Garcon.
Il joue au football américain.
Il est originaire d'Haïti et américain.
Il parle créole et anglais.
Famous Haitian:
Francophone Country Project: By: Rachel Carnes

Comparing Money:
- 1 Dollar = 42.50 Haitian Gourdes
What Do They Wear?
Le Drapeau d'Haïti
- Le drapeau est rouge et bleu
- Le drapeau haïtien est une adaptation du drapeau national français
- The stripes represents the union of black Haitians and Mulatto Haitians.
-Black Haitians are represented by the blue stripe and the Mulatto Haitians are represented by the red stripe
- http://coinmill.com/HTG_USD.html
- http://www.worldflags101.com/h/haiti-flag.aspx
- http://images.google.com
- http://www.edmodo.com/home
What Do They Eat?
- Le Hatians manger du riz, des haricots et de poulet aux légumes.
- La nourriture en Haïti, c'est comme la cuisine mexicaine.
- Les boissons qu'ils ont beaucoup sont l'eau et le jus d'orange.
Currnecy: Gourde (HTG)
Official languages:
-Haitian Creole
La République dominicaine, l'océan Atlantique, et La Caribbean Sea sont à côté Haïti.

Interesting Facts:
Haiti, a name that means "mountainous country,"
The second largest island in the Caribbean.
Important treats include sugarcane, mangoes,
sweetbread, peanut and sesame seed clusters.
Haitians generally eat two meals a day.
Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere
and one of the poorest in the world.
Marriage is expected among the elite and
the middle classes, but less than forty
percent of the non-elite population marries.

Although it is not legal, at any given time
about 10 percent of men have more than
a single wife.

The official state religion is Catholicism.
Over the last four decades Protestant missionary
activity has reduced the proportion of people who
identify themselves as Catholic.

Citadelle Laferrière
Sans-Souci Palace
Haiti's National Museum
The National Museum of Haiti, better known by its French acronym MUPANAH,
Bassin Bleue
Iron Market
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