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General TAKS Training


Amy Bay

on 23 February 2010

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Transcript of General TAKS Training

2010 General TAKS Training Test Dates

Wednesday, March 3rd-Writing TAKS 4th grade

Tuesday, April 6th- Math TAKS 5th grade

Wednesday, April 7th - Reading TAKS 5th grade

Tuesday, April 27th - Math TAKS 3rd & 4th grade

Wednesday, April 28th- Reading TAKS 3rd & 4th grade

Thursday, April 29th - Science TAKS 5th grade
You are responsible for reporting violations, be aware of test security and confidentiality
If you do not, there are penalities including but not limited to suspension or cancellation of Texas Teaching Certificate and issuance of reprimand Attendance

Attendance will be done on paper Seating Chart
Needs to include the students' names, ID numbers, test booklet numbers and form numbers, the date, subject area of test being administered including the grade level, specific test name, location including the district, campus name, room number, description of the testing area ie: classroom and test administrator's name Testing Procedures

All cell phones(including yours)are tunred off, collected and placed in ziplock baggies, fill out the cell phone log
Read the TAKS administrator manual(s)
Actively monitor(constantly move throughout the testing room) O.T.
(4th & 5th) Remind students periodically to bubble responses
Check completed answer documents to ensure answers are recorded
All instructional displays which may aid students are removed or covered, including those in the hallway
Classroom doors should be unlocked
Put away any backpacks etc. students may bring to school Testing Procedures

You may pick up testing materials beginning at 6:00 a.m. from the TAKS test room
They must remain locked, in a secure place when not in your sight

Testing will begin at 7:50

Verify booklet numbers using the middle four on the back of each test booklet

You will also verify the total number of answer documents, testing booklets, and other materials such as math charts etc.

Be sure to initial the out column of the materials control form

If an issue arises contact the office Testing Procedures

Collect students' books they plan on reading after testing, the day before testing begins and label them with a sticky note with the student name Answer Documents

If you or the student notice any incorrect information on the answer document, note it on a sticky note and let me know so I can change it ie: incorrect birthdate

Students may not use a highlighter or pen, only a number two pencil

Scratch paper is not allowed Answer Documents

Pacing is not allowed, students can mark their answer documents after they test or during, just make sure they are complete before the students turn them in

Check the score code S-score A-absent, accomodations if any, and the form number

Only students may erase scorables, including test booklets (3rd) Test Security

Do not discuss or view the contents of the test booklets or answer documents (3rd will have to fan booklets)

Do not change or instruct a student to change a response

Do not allow students to mark on the math/science charts

Do not review student responses during or after testing

Do not leave the testing room unsupervised Testing Procedure
Do not allow students to return to a test section from a previous day or a test that has not been administered

Do not allow students to use calculators, dictionaries, or thesauruses

If you use privacy folders/vision blockers, make sur ethey have nothing on them to aid students

Do not send students to the nurse unless it is a special circumstance or emergency

If any issues arise contact the office Online Training Modules

There is one for active monitoring (25 min.), distribution of materials (10-15 min.), and proper handling of secure materials (10-15 min.)

These are required to be done by the test administrators and will be done during conferences either all together or seperately

Website: texasassessment.com/taonlinetraining Breaks
Lunch- Will be delivered to testing classrooms, make sure students do not discuss the test, be sure to collect all test booklets. (4th & 5th) make sure answer documents are inside test booklets

Snacks- Will be provided, if you decide to take a break as a class have students close their test booklets with the answer documents inside (4th & 5th), there may be no discussion (Drinks should be on the floor at all times) Breaks

Restroom- Students may go to the restroom one at a time, have students place their answer document inside his or her test booklet and close it before leaving his or her desk
It is helpful to go as a class in the morning before testing begins

Teacher- If you need a break place the "need break" sign on your door and someone will come relieve you, there will also be a scheduled break Hall/Restroom Monitors

May not read or do anything

If you are assigned to the restroom be sure to fill out the time in/out form when students come

If anyone arrives late you will read the test directions before they enter the testing room Disrict /TEA Monitors

District monitors will have a clipboard

If there are TEA monitors they should not talk to you, if they do, have a relief person come in and be sure to speak with them outside the testing room, also notify me

Leave your room door unlocked so they may enter quietly Emergency

If there is a fire drill, bomb threat etc. leave booklets on students' desks, turn off the lights and make sure everyone is out of the room, the test admninstrator should be the last person to leave the room, take the studnet roster and follow evacuation route or emergency procedures in place Change of Testing Room

If a student or students need to change testing rooms, a new seting chart must be made for the new room, students may not handle their testing booklet or answer document, and two continuing tester accountability forms must be filled out for each student, one will go to the new testing room and the other will be turned in with the testing materials When Students are Done Testing

Make sure they remain quiet, they may read a book as long as they are not between the revise and edit and composition portions of the writing TAKS Return of Materials

Answer documents need to be in alphabetical order and booklets need to be in numerical order (smallest number on top) Future Training Dates

Tuesday, March 30- 5th Math & Reading

Wednesday, April 14- 3rd & 4th Math & Reading

Wednesday, April 21- 5th Science Oaths

Initial and fill in section one of your general oath before handling any secure test materials

After testing you will complete section two and/or three

Our county/ district number is 093904

If you have a non-certified oath you just date it,then sign and print your name, the bottom will only be filled if you have to enter a classroom People who are administering the writing need to stay for their training, everyone else may go

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