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what are the issues around colony cats populations

you will like this very much very very very very very very very much.

Torran herbert

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of what are the issues around colony cats populations

What are the issues around colony cat populations??? why I chose this topic. pop art. fine arts narrative. book review. journal entries. 1st entry 2nd entry. 3rd entry. bibliography. I needed to interview 3 people there names where Jonine Pennse-Wold, Karen Coleman and my mum Donna Schofield a vet. Thank you for watching my presentation. I chose this topic because I am interested in animals and I wanted to know how these colony cats survive and what issues surround so I came up with ym question- What are the Issues Around colony Cats Population? For my fine arts I needed to find store to buy clay and the materials I needed to shape the clay and I also needed to find oil paint otherwise I wouldn't be able to paint my clay kitten. Once I had found the clay and clay shaping materials and oil paints I had to make the clay kitten which was hard because I had to find a picture that was a colony cat to model it on but once I had found a picture I had some luck in making the feet legs and tail. After I made the legs I came to the most difficult part the boy I had to make a ovalish shape then I had to put it between the back legs and then attach the tail to it once I had done that I kept putting more clay on it until it looked like the picture it was going being modelled on. Next I had to wait for it to dry before it could be painted but while it was drying a foot and the tail came off because they dried faster so i had to glue them back on then while I was painting the tail broke in half so it had to be glued back together so I grabbed my dads glue and stuck the tail together. QUESTIONS 1.What is the name given to a Roman cat hoarder? 3.What age does a cat in a colony have to be caught? The name given to Roman cat hoarders is Gattara for one person Gattari for two or more people. 2.What Park is the colony I went to in? I went to Callan Park while getting information for this presentation with my mum and the first person I interviewed. Introductuion Hello my name is Torran Herbert and today I will be presenting to you my IRT I had to do a lot of work or at least a lot more than I've ever had to do before but when I got further in to IRT I found it easier to do the work after I mapped it all out in my mind. Oh no is what I thought on the 1st day of term 3 I have to do my IRT now I thought I wasn't ready when mister Smith asked me to formulate a question but the next week I had a question that question was What are the Issues Around Colony Cats Populations. It's the middle of term 3 and we were meant to have our narratives finished but I was sick for a week and was late in getting in my first narrative draft but I haven't lost the hope of getting a good mark. It's near the end of IRT and I still need to get my final draft of my narrative to mister Smith which is hard because I have a lot of mistakes to fix in my prezi and narrative. answer: they have to be caught as a kitten when they have not been exposed to the colony for very long. Answer:Gattara is the name they get if they are alone but Gattari is for two or more. Answer: Callan Park is the park i went to while doing this IRT. FACTUAL TEXT Conclusion I hope you enjoyed this presentation if you want to read more about my Narrative, Fine Arts, Factual Text and Book Review look at the board at the back of the room. If you want to know more about colony cats and the issues around them just ask me what you want to know and if I know I will tell you and if I don't I will get back to you with the answer. Once again I hoped you enjoyed this presentation.

By Torran Herbert There will be a quiz at the end and the answers will be in this prezi so be sure to watch and listen closely or you will not be able to answer the questions. A colony cat has to be caught as a kitte so it can be trained to be affectionate toward a human being like us.
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