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Bellarmine's Moodle Move

This Prezi outlines Bellarmine University's reason for choosing Moodle, the implementation strategy, and the support offered to faculty during the transition.

Shawn Apostel

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Bellarmine's Moodle Move

Bellarmine's Moodle Move
in 4 Phases
Summer 2013
Fall 2013
Spring 2014
Fall 2014
First Phase: Summer 2013
Selected users were chosen
to use Moodle in their courses

~5 faculty
~100 students

Launched Moodle Transition Team
Volunteers were requested
to create and use Moodle

~ 50 faculty
~ 1100 students
Faculty members are strongly encouraged
to use Moodle in at least one course

~ 150 faculty
~ 2,000 students

Launched Moodle Ambassador Program
Moodle becomes Bellarmine's LMS

Blackboard contract expires August 1
We currently use
We can design
courses to fit
our pedagogy
Moodle is Mobile
Students can view and interact with courses on a wide range of browsers and connected devices
Moodle is supported by IT
When problems occur, our IT staff has the power to make changes we need to get the program back online.
Moodle is Ours
Moodle is customizable
Bellarmine University owns and hosts Moodle.

There are no fees for us to use Moodle, and we can control the software.
Why Bellarmine Chose Moodle
Bellarmine's Moodle Move in 4 Phases
Moodle Support at Bellarmine
Bellarmine University's Move to Moodle
Moodle Ambassdors
Online Resources
Faculty Development
Second Phase: Fall 2013
Third Phase: Spring 2014
Fourth Phase: Fall 2014
Moodle Ambasssadors are faculty members who can answer basic Moodle questions and offer resources. They are located in most buildings on campus.

Look for this sign:
Once you do, you will see this resource at the top of the page.

Click on it to find handouts, videos, and scheduled training sessions.
Use your Bellarmine email
username and password to login to https://moodle.bellarmine.edu
One-on-one or departmental Moodle training sessions are available from faculty development.

Contact Dr. Shawn Apostel
or Debi Griffin to schedule a personalized or group Moodle training session.
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