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A New Home Network

No description

Matthew Doll

on 22 April 2011

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Transcript of A New Home Network

A New Home Network Existing Home Networks Computer Networks Climate Control Door Bell Security System Irrigation System A/V Remotes 1. Energy
- Raise awareness about a home’s environmental footprint
- Reduce the home’s energy consumption
- Increase the use of natural light
- Validate design decisions, is LEED working?
2. Loss prevention
- Anti Theft
- Reassurance while away from your home
- Discover failing devices before they cause expensive damage.
- Reduce losses in the case of a disaster.
3. Personalization
- Rooms can be reprogramed
- Rooms can change based on who is in the room
4. Convenience
- Time is more valuable than energy Open Source Internet Of Things Physical Computing Embedded Computation Home Area Network
Smart Grid Simple Controls Room Sensor Lighting Fluorescent LED Occupancy Sensor

Light Sensor

Sound Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Smoke/Flame Sensor
Carbon Monoxide Power Monitor Utility Company Weather Forcast Emergency Services HomeNet.me Cellphone Wireless Fob Cellphone RFID Card Key Multi-function Panels Tablet Ambient Devices A/C Hot Water
Heater TV Computer Thermostat Experiments Learn how to use the Arduino to Gather data, transfer it to a PC via Processing and store it on the Cloud with Pachube.
Experiment #1 Experiment #2 Experiment #3 Build a Wireless Arduino Called a JeeNode Gather Information from Multiple Nodes
Sprinkler Console Solar Panels Lighting Network Resources Precedents Modern Automobile MIT Media House http://Arduino.cc http://Processing.org http://JeeLabs.org http://Sparkfun.com http://Adafruit.com http://Moderndevice.com http://ZendFramework.com/ http://PHP.net http://httpd.apache.org/ http://MySQL.com http://jQuery.com http://jQueryUI.com http://jQueryMobile.com http://SeeedStudio.com/ Controlp5 (GUI)
http://www.sojamo.de/libraries/controlP5/ xmlrpclib
http://plw.media.mit.edu/people/arikan/xmlrpclib/ Hardware Software Website The House is the Computer and the Structure is the Network Agenda for the Informational Home

Internet 0: the house, a great brain
Internet 2: large-format video.
Informational structures (building the network into structure of the house)
Manufacturing dwellings
Open dwelling: flexibility of distribution
The house’s website
The neighborhoods website: more social
Media spaces: break free of the screen
Extended space: virtual links
The interface-space
The knowledge house
The bio house - a technoloagricultural environment
The architecture of the home Microcontroller Sensors Tools Gather Data
Timestamped sensor data
Interpret Data
What does the sensor data show?
Present Data
Web/Phone interface
Remote Control
Turn devices on and off
Automated Control
Link devices to sensors for automation
The system recommends changes
Process Network:
- Wireless
- Electrical Wiring

Replace dumb devices with smart ones

Group devices together HomeNet Device Node Base Node Internet Node HomeNet Website The Virtual Home In the future the home is going to be virtualized into an electronic form.

What will this look like? How do we interact with our home virtually? Who is going to design it? Device Node Temperature Sensor Light Sensor Door Bell Weather Panel Water Meter
Main Shutoff Light Switch Button Panel Controls http://HomeNet.me Access Control Key Pad BioMetric Power Outlets HomeNet Objectives Humidity Sensor Pressure Sensor Demo HomeNet.me Space Cooling 8.5% Water Heating 17.6% Lighting 6.5% Electronics 4.7% Refridgeration 4% Wet Cleaning 3.2% Cooking 4.2% Computers 1.5% Other 4.7% Space Heating 45% Home Energy Use Residential 22% Transportation 29% Commercial 19% Industrial 30% US Energy Use Concepts Internet
Equipment HomeNet
Retrofit Alerts Check House Light Buzzer/Alarm Portable Control Security Console Cellphone Email Drive By Wire http://HomeNet.me

http://m.HomeNet.me or on your cellphone Username: archdemo
Password: archdemo Login with: Turn off used devices
Percisily Monitor Energy Use
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