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Copy of Amrapali

model low rise villa

mona bhattacharya

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Amrapali

our offering design
choice better in class market offering
functionality matching
long term better Living Experience potential home owners offering enhancement
specific product development & differentiation
percieved value enhancement amrapali = potential real Value Enhancement offering example on site Current layout current layout camera angle 2 camera angle 3 current layout space planning and utilization
multi activity usage Efficiency Solutions type A Basement public+personal
single purpose use current layout space division layout modifications staircase wall glass wall textured glass glass with grids half glass looking in 3 1 4 5 6 7 changes in the layout 1.large entertainment area
2. use of 'under the staircase area
3 separate work/ reading area
4. & 6 gym/ salon area
5. public loo
7. separate entry 2 bar area under the staircase modular bar storage modular bar counter metal wall texture entainment area layout 1 media entertainment
wall media entertainment
wall entertainmenment area
layout 2 predetermined modular concept
size and functionality pre-decided
optimal usage of space
mutiple looks and finish Utility Solution victorian wall texture LED TV Console cabinets for audio system moroccan wall texture contemporary wall texture contemporary cabinet texture victorian cabinet texture all standardized modular
storage gym media wall utility for storage
utility as most people need entertainment during gyming live
counter wine rack induction
cooktop microwave
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