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Transcript of MFRI

Engagement, Transparency, Content:
The Three Spheres Dave Eubanks, PhD
Center for Teaching Excellence
University of Maryland Learning outcomes
describe the basic principles of how people learn
develop and apply student engagement techniques to enhance learning
use a variety of simple pedagogical techniques to enhance student learning
Content Transparency & Trust What’s important? Why are they there? Adversaries, partners, or leaders? What are they supposed to do? How do they know what’s expected? Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why are they doing what they’re doing? Teaching for learning More than telling
Responding to what you hear
Active learning
Active Learning Integrating new knowledge Negotiating expectations Acting on what's at stake Ownership How do we make it important? Intrinsic Extrinsic Survival Pleasure Rest Grades Salary Peer admiration Pleasure of knowing Altruism Community How do you convey importance? Consider, exchange, report Engagement? Engagement Motivation + Active Learning = Commitment What do you remember?

Concept/skill learned
Way it was presented
How applied
Student 1 attends, answers questions, and submits work on time. However, work is full of misunderstanding, misconception.
Student 2 arrives late, spends most of the hour on her laptop, talks audibly to those around her, and answers dismissively.
Student 3 submits good work, but communicates dissatisfaction with peers and class discussion, explaining that peers are unreliable novices.
Transparency Content Engagement presence observable interest measurable contribution valued ownership What will your students remember?

Concept or skill
How will you present it?
How will they apply it?
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