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Durex - Singapore

No description

Graine'x Guillaume

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Durex - Singapore

Place / Distribution:
Shopping malls trend
International large retailers
Distributors (sreet, nightclubs…)
High purchase power
High living standards
Advertising campaigns in shops and in all media
Own distributors
Wide range
Progressive launches Annexes: Marketing Mix Group D FLAVORED CONDOMS IN SINGAPORE Why Singapore Condoms market Strategy to follow Nonmarket environment Opportunities
The High Road Approach

What are the Key Success Factors and the planification for our successful implementation ? Proactive Approach:

Anticipating the needs of the customers and preparing to meet their future requirements
Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey
Long term plan: get a footprint in the south east Asian area & launch a large range of different types of products

Researching markets:
Geographically: Get closer to the potential future markets
Commercially: Extend the current value proposition

Leading with strenghts:
Strong brand image

Defining success broadly
Objectives: revolutionize sex in Singapore, and become a major actor in the sector within the region Planning the Trip Driving position

Own logistics channel
Own communication channel
Production internalized
Long-term distribution partnerships established with current international retailers, and local distributors

Short term: get a high penetration rate among the expatriates and upper-class local population
Long-term: penetrate a larger market within Singapore and overall in South-East Asia
Diversify the customers through the wide range of products Selecting the
mode of transport Anticipatory Approach

Strategic short term and long term objectives clearly defined

Deep preliminary studies conducted

Challenges and risks identified

Corresponding responses and solutions prepared Dealing with
Roadblocks Global Approach

Integral piece of the global strategy
Business model efficient and well organised
Seeking new markets (emerging countries) and new opportunities (legislation, culture and lifestyle important changes
Objective: getting more market share in the geographical area and a better knowledge of the market

Sufficient time to bear fruits
Long term view
Specific KPIs to set up in order to asses specific and dedicated objectives integrated to the global stratregy of the company Making a Commitment Singaporeans want:

Love, tenderness & romance (54%)
Better communication & intimacy (50%)
Better knowledge on how to please their partners (48%)
Inject more fun (45%) Sexual health problems experienced by all ages

In Singapore, erectile dysfunction readings are at 21% (gaining an erection) and 29% (keeping an erection) People need to take more effort and initiative to improve and enjoy their sex lives!
To devote time and energy to their sex lives
To get more fun from their sex lives
To take part in sexual activities and use products that they don’t do currently

People need help to enjoy their sex lives
Sexual health can be overcome
Products can enhance the ability to achieve an orgasm
Advice and products can enhance fun and excitement

In a nutshell, Our Offer:

Recreative products
Performance enhancer
Contraceptive products
Protection against sexual diseases Satisfaction Horizon Physiological
Issues Physiological
Chemistry Emotional
Relationship Excitement The Four I’s Already mastered
Regulation and deregulation
Security, health and safety
Intellectual property protection
International trade policy

In the process of being mastered
News media coverage and social media
Corporate social responsibility (for a better image)

Biggest issue expected after launch
Social pressure from nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and social activists Organized interests

Alliance of Condoms Manufacturers
Associations fighting against AIDS

Unorganized interests

Condoms buyers
Citizens affected by the use of condoms
Taxpayers Congress

Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Asean Free Trade Area (AFTA)

World Trade Organization (WTO) Information
Issues can be contested because interests have different information:

Condom manufacturers have superior information about the preferences of buyers for flavored condoms

Associations may have superior information about the extent of public concern about the fight against AIDS Issues we face Interest Groups Institutions concerned Information The entry
strategy 1 2 3 4 Guillaume Guillaume
RAMIREZ Claudia Q&A … Opportunities that can be exploited by Durex 18% of population are epatriats Regulated Sexuality  Government attempts to boost the fertility rate Open mindness In Singapore’s paradoxes lies opportunities… High lobbying activities Fast growing country One of the most culturally open countries Chewing gum is illegal High Innovation and the most open economy in the world Homosexuality punished with imprisonment for more than 2 years Oral and anal sex were legalised for heterosexuals and female homosexuals only since 2008 Regulated Prostitution is LEGAL !! It is an offense heavily fined not to flush the public toilet Freedom of religion is guaranteed under the Constitution !! Would you believe that it is all about the Same Country? The  crime rate is one of the lowest in the world Oral sex must be followed by natural sexual intercourse to be legal Liberal Conservatism Highly conservative regulations Highly open and fast changing country Very reactive government and laws Regulated Sexuality Conservatism Regulations adapt in a quick pace Yes, homosexuality is illegal and oral sex until 2008. However, government wants to welcome gay talents into the civil service and the economy.  Strong presence of expats that know and are loyal to the brand Singapore has opened itself to global (often Western) cultural influences, adopted them and fused them with local culture Singapore to serve as a « vitrine » country for Durex Singapore remains the best country in which to run a business, according to an annual report by the World Bank and its actions are usually followed by neighboring countries Singapore to serve as a « vitrine » country for Durex Study conducted by a leading company reported that young singaporean are unhappy with their sexuality that they want to live in a fun way Singapore is at the center of rubber production in South East Asia which produces the majority of natural rubber and latex for the world. Larger producer of Latex High qualification of the labor

High level of technology Factor conditions - Control & Diversification vs. High level of rivalry

- Known as a high skilled labour with the hight tech machinery

- Main supplier of latex

- Huge potential market that will have strong growth for next 10 yers 12 different condoms types
- Strawberry, Tingle, Pleasuremax

5 different lubricants

7 types of Durex Play Durex Products
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