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No description

maggi e

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Pipes

Lizzy and Maggie

Google Data Centres
the purpose
The white acts a contrast to the green foliage and the vibrant and engaging bands of colour add depth
Interwoven into the natural environment of the site
The pipes tunneling over and under each other form a complex structure yet the basic form is simple and modern
the idea
PVC pipes spray-painted with spontaneous bands of colour, then sealed to prevent chipping if time permits
Varying lengths, types and diameters
Installed behind and in front of plants
Total size of the installation (length, width and height respectively) will be 8.5x1.4x1.8m
Supplier: Bunnings
the method
1. Spray-paint the pipes according to the colour scheme
2. Seal them (if the resources are available)
3. Assemble and attach the pipes onto installation site, inserting the bases deep into the soil and securing them in place
Holman 50mm 1m PVC DWV Pipe Dwv501 $4.70
Holman 80mm 1m PVC DWV Pipe Dwv801 $12.65
Holman 90mm Stormwater pipe $5.79
Approx. Budget
Holman PVC 50mm elbow pipe $5.00
Icon 80mm Round PVC socket bend Downpipe $6.45
Icon 80mm Round Socket Bend (T) $6.98
Vinidex 90mm PVC F&F Storm (T) 60100 $2.20
Vinidex 90deg 90mm Elbow PVC pipe $0.90
T=tee junction
Note: Entire cost of entire materials wll go above the budget-as all prices are x1

British Paints 4 Seasons 1L Gloss White Exterior Paint $33.90 Dulux Spray pak 280g Enamel Spray Paint $9.72
Estimated Cost
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