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Powerpoint Narration

Adding narration to your PowerPoint

Kelly Kirk

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Powerpoint Narration

Adding Narration To Your PowerPoint By: Kelly Kirk, Director Distance Education Step 1: Create Your PowerPoint Step 2: Write Your Narrative Step 3: Record Your Voice Over Recording Tips: Editing Your Narration: ADA Compliance Inserting into Moodle: Microphone Selection Headset Preferred
Noise Cancelling
USB before mini jack DO NOT USE Built-in microphones on Laptops Location Quiet Space
Turn off Phones
Close Door & Hang Do not Disturb Sign
Reduce Background noises - Fans
Make Your own Recording Studio
Closet with Sheets & Clothes Hanging around
Acoustic Sponges Build your own Recording Studio: Closet or Small Room
Sheets / Accoustical Material Write a Narrative
Use a good Microphone
Select a quiet location Use the "Notes" section
Print a copy to use as you record Using a good microphone in a quiet
area where you will not be disturbed
record your presentation. Decide how much or how little
text and animations you want on
each slide and make it happen. Step 4: Re-Record any slides necessary Update the slide recordings by starting
from the "Current Slide" option. When
you are finished recording that slide hit
the "esc" key and choose to either
save the slide timings or not. Navigate to the slide that needs to be re-recorded
Go to "Slideshow" and "Record Narration"
Click "OK" to record Narration
Click "Current Slide" to begin from current slide
Record your narration and hit "ESC" BEFORE moving to next slide
Choose to save or not save timings
You are done!
Step 5: Save & Impaticize Step 6: Insert into Moodle Narration Equipment Locations How To: Record your narration! Hit "Esc" when you are finished Questions?
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