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Tambria Moreno

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Selective Service WW2 How it Started Recruiting and Discrimination Segregation and casualties Protests Also Known as the Burkwadsworth-Act enacted on September 16, 1940.
It was the first peacetime conscription in US history
he draft was first used in the United States during the Civil War.
The present Selective Service System was originally started during the first World War.
In the Selective Service System you were not allowed to have a substitute go in for you and you couldn't buy your way out but with the draft you could. The War had created new dilemmas restricted to racially segregated neighborhoods and reservations.
Also most african americans, native americans, and mexicans were denied basic citizenship rights and were limited to mostly noncombatant roles.
Some groups questioned whether this was their war to fight why die for the democracy of a foreign nation?
Despite Disrimination in the military more than 300,000 mexicans joined, 25,000 native americans and 33,000 japanese joined.
Several thousand japanese served as spies and interpreters in the pacific war they would eavesedrop on japanese commanders to learn important intel. Although mexicans made up only a tenth of Los Angeles they had suffered a fifth of the citys wartime casualties.
A foreign war called for men and these brave mexicans answered the Call Of Duty yet they suffered a great amount of deaths not even with basic citizenship rights only a passion to a country they had as their humble home.
THE SATURDAY EVENING POST made a comment "We would not need the selective service if all volunteered like Indians."
Some might argue that the foreign immigrants had to participate in the war since we opened up our home to them but realistically we built a city around the indians kicked off their land and made them pay taxes. To protest discrimination A. Philip Randolph founder of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters organized a march on Washington.
Randolph was called to washington and spoke with president Roosevelt where Roosevelt asked him to cancel the march.
Randolph refused to back off and Roosevelt backed off and the president issued and executive order to provide for the full and equitable participation of all workers in defense industries without discrimination.
This was a huge win for foreigners everywhere and from that moment on the military was filled with nothing but what everyone had hoped would defend our country, people.
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