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Proffessionalism and Ethics

Pete's record so far.

pete McGhie

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Proffessionalism and Ethics

Proffessionalism and Ethics The Teacher Gertrude The Stakeholders The Pastoral Team Deputy Principal CollegeChaplin Guidance Councilor ETHICS SCENARIO 2009

Imagine you are the Dean of Year 10. One of your colleagues storms into your office, irate at the behaviour of Gertrude, one of the year 10 students.
While specific behaviours are not identified, the teacher has reprimanded Gertrude for being disruptive in class. He has moved Gertrude to another seat, sent her outside, given her impositions and lunchtime detentions. Gertrude has defaulted impositions and refused to stay in at lunchtime. She has seemed very distracted and on one occasion told her teacher that she was too tired to work and just wanted to sleep. The teacher suggests that this, together with erratic behaviour, may mean that Gertrude is involved in substance abuse. On the third occasion, Gertrude refused to hand over a non-regulation red T-shirt which was draped around her neck and attempted very little of the test administered during that class. The teacher warned Gertrude that repeated failure to turn up for lunchtime detention would lead to her exclusion from involvement in Stage Challenge.
You have spoken with Gertrude regarding her performance in maths. She admits that she has defaulted detentions but explains her poor performance by saying how difficult maths is.
Your gut reaction is that Gertrude’s behaviour is masking the real issue and that her learning needs are not being met by the traditional autocratic approach that her teacher is known for. You feel that she is misplaced and would benefit from being in a lower ability maths group. However, this would require the approval of the Head of Department who happens to be Gertrude’s teacher.
What do you do?
The Ethical Issues We initially discussed the issues in the scenario and noted all of our thinking and recorded any issues in the scenario:

The teacher has acted unproffessionally.
The teacher has only acted in a punitive manner so far.
The teacher has ignored signs that this child is in need of pastoral intervention.(1) Gertrude is tired and wants to sleep. (2) Gertrude is possibly influenced or affected by a gang of some kind. Re: the red Tshirt. (3) Gertrude claims that the work is too hard for her. (4) He suspects that Gertrude is using drugs.
The teacher has neglected to involve senior management or the school pastoral team in an attempt to resolve this issue.
The teacher has allowed the issue to continue to the point where it now is affecting his ability to handle his emotions in a proffessional manner.
There is conflict when this issue is dealt with by only the Dean and the Teacher (1) The Dean risks insulting the integrity and proffessionalism of the Teacher. (2) The Dean will appear to 'pull rank' if resolving the issue in the manner suggested in the scenario.
It is apparrent that there is a need to interveen in this matter so that all involved can feel a sense of

Our initial thinking
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