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4 Things Bacteria Need To Survive

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Kandis Ku

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of 4 Things Bacteria Need To Survive

4 Things Bacteria Need To Survive
Kandis K.
#1 Food
How to prevent bacteria: Keep all work surfaces, dishtowels, utensils, and containers clean. Info: Bacteria "eat" anything from sugar, starch, sunlight, sulfur, and iron.
#2 Moisture
How to prevent bacteria: Store food with moisture corecctly. Info: The moisture bacteria needs can be found on many foods.
#3 Warmth
How to prevent bacteria: Your frige tempature should be kept 5 degrees celsius. Your freezer tempature should be kept below -18 degrees celsius. Info: Harmful bacteria grow readily from 5 degrees celsius to 63 degrees celsius. Most bacteria grow the quickest at around 37 degrees celsius.
#4 Time
How to prevent bactaria: Get perishable, chilled, and frozen foods home and properly stored as fast as possible. Eat food by the due dates.

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